KB para la actualización de los contenidos del Help Server en Idioma Español (Mex) para Dynamics AX 2012

Que tal -

El siguiente HotFix KB 2585394 actualiza el contenido del Help Server para ambientes de Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Esta actualización contiene la traducción solo para los lenguajes localizados, y bien, cuáles son estos lenguajes localizados?



De donde bajarlo?



Como instalarlo?


To install the translated content to the Help server, follow these steps:


Save and unpack the hotfix file for
  the language that you are installing.


  Note When you unpack the hotfix file, each .zip file produces a
  DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394- language code .msi file. For example, a .zip
  file produces a DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394-DA.msi file.


On the Microsoft Dynamics
  AX 2012 Help server, click Start , click Control
, and then click Uninstall a program .


If an .msi file for a language that
  you want to update is included in the list of program, uninstall it. For
  example, uninstall Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Help
  Content (DA) if you want to use the DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394-DA.msi file.


  If the language you are using is not listed, skip to step 7.


Verify that the Microsoft Dynamics
  AX DVD image is copied to a network location.


Open the following Microsoft Dynamics
  AX DVD image folder:


  Drive :\Msi\HelpContent


Delete each HelpContent_ language
.msi file from the corresponding language folder. For example, if
  you download the DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394-DA.msi file, delete the existing
  HelpContent_da.msi file from the following folder:


  Drive :\Msi\HelpContent\DA


  Note The Uninstall a program process does not remove the .msi


Make sure that a folder exists within
  the Content folder for the language that you are installing. For example, if
  you’re installing Help content in Danish, make sure that there’s a
  folder named DA within the Microsoft folder as follows:


  Drive :\Msi\HelpContent\DA


  The name of the folder must match the abbreviation of the language, or the
  language-region combination, that is used in the name of the .msi file. For
  example, if you’re installing French for use in Canada, the folder must be
  named fr-CA.


Copy the DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394- language
.msi file to the corresponding language folder. For example, copy
  the DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394-DA.msi file to the following folder:


  Drive :\Msi\HelpContent\DA


From the Help server,
  run the Setup.exe file from the root of the CD folder.


  Note If you have not installed the Help server, use the
  installation instructions to install the Help server. The
  content for the languages that you select will be installed when you install
  the Help server.


Click Install , and then
  select Microsoft Dynamics AX components .


Click Add or modify components ,
  and then click Next .


Select the Help Server
  component, and then click Next .


Select the Help content to
  install. For example, if you want to install the
  DynamicsAX2012-KB2585394-DA.msi file, click Danish . Then, click Next


Click Install .



You must have Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 installed to apply this hotfix.

Restart requirement

You must restart the Application Object Server (AOS) service after you apply the hotfix.


 Espero les ayude.






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