Management Reporter report list in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, you now have the ability to view the Management Reporter reports that you have access to from within the GP client. This feature was first introduced with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, and is available in R2 as well. There is some setup required, so make sure to perform the following:…


Viewing previous month’s reports in the web viewer (CU9 Feature)

When reviewing this month’s report in the web viewer, sometimes it’s helpful to be able to go back and look at the same report for the last month. With Management Reporter CU9, you can do this with a click of a button in the web viewer.  There is no more hunting around trying to find…


Publish a report from the Management Reporter web viewer (CU9 Feature)

Once you are done making adjustments and you’ve verified the data using refresh in the web viewer, you may want to be to publish that report out for everyone else to view as well. With Management Reporter CU9, this can all be done from the web viewer.  The output locations and report dates used when the…


Refresh a report in the Management Reporter web viewer (CU9 Feature)

There are times when you want to be able to get an updated view of the data in a report without having to go back in Report Designer to regenerate the report. One of the main times this is needed is when folks are making their month end adjustments.  With Management Reporter CU9, we’ve added…


Suppressing drill down on specific report lines

There may be times when you want users to be able to drill down to details on certain lines in a report, but not all lines. Instead of creating multiple reports, use the XD format code in the row definition. The video below shows you how to use it and what users will see in…


Using column restrictions to improve your report presentation

A well designed report will clearly describe the information that is important on the report and help report viewers to quickly understand the data. If there is a lot of data on the report, it can seem overwhelming to get an overview and know where to focus your attention. Using column restrictions within the Row…


Web viewer quick reference guide

Since releasing the web viewer, we’ve done quite a few posts and videos on what it can do and how to use it.  All of this information is a great resource, but we still get quite a few questions about what the web viewer does and how people can use it.  So, I thought I’d pull together a…


Management Reporter Web Viewer as default – Management Reporter RU5

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about the web viewer since releasing it back in RU3. In order for all users to benefit from the great features in the web viewer, it’s been made the default viewer for Management Reporter in RU5. If you need to view a report in the desktop viewer, you…


Using the default report link location for easy access to reports – Management Reporter RU5

Management Reporter provides a flexible and efficient way to publish reports to a single place or multiple locations. This flexible model allows you to have a personalized report list where different users can see their Management Reporter reports, Microsoft Office files, and other reports in a shared library. This shared library can be stored in either Microsoft ® SharePoint® or a file…


Collapse detailed report into summary view – Management Reporter RU5

In the Management Reporter web viewer, lines in a detailed report can be collapsed to show a summary view. Each person can focus on the data important to them without going to two separate reports and the person designing reports only has one report to design.