Choose to report on GL or AA data with Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart (CU10 Feature)

With Management Reporter CU10, we’ve introduced the ability to opt-out of reporting on Analytical Accounting (AA) data for those using the data mart. In speaking with customers, we’ve found that many people may use Analytical Accounting for specific processes, but may not need to include AA detail on their financial statements. When adding a company…


Company Selection for Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart (CU10 Feature)

With Management Reporter CU10, we’ve introduced the ability to have much more control over which companies are available for reporting. The first feature to support this flexibility is the ability to exclude or include specific companies for reporting. In speaking with customers, we’ve heard three main reasons on why a company would be excluded from…


Download TOT formulas to Microsoft Excel from a Management Reporter report (CU10 Feature)

One of the most voted for features for Management Reporter in Microsoft Connect is the ability to include formulas when downloading reports to Microsoft Excel. In Management Reporter 2012 CU10, users will be able to include TOT row formulas in downloaded Excel files. Check out the video below to see this feature action:


How Report, Column, and Row formatting work together

Understanding how formatting within the Rows, Columns, and Report Definitions within Management Reporter interact with each other will help to show report detail with the precision you need. The main point to understand is the priority of what formatting overrides other formatting. Formatting priority is as follows: Formatting in the Report Definition occurs first Formatting in the…


Linking to another Management Reporter report

We get asked quite a bit how to include information from one Management Reporter report on another Management Reporter report. This can be done in Management Reporter by using the link to Management Reporter worksheet option in the row definition. A few things to keep in mind when using this option: The source report has…


Viewing previous month’s reports in the web viewer (CU9 Feature)

When reviewing this month’s report in the web viewer, sometimes it’s helpful to be able to go back and look at the same report for the last month. With Management Reporter CU9, you can do this with a click of a button in the web viewer.  There is no more hunting around trying to find…


Display currency symbol, currency code and currency description (CU9 Feature)

Users are able to select any reporting currency they wish to view data in from the Web Viewer application bar by clicking the Currency icon. With Management Reporter CU9, users can now dynamically see the currency symbol, code and description they have defined in the Dynamics ERP when the currency is changed. Three new auto…


ERP Data validation with data mart (CU9 Feature)

For Management Reporter CU9, we’ve introduced a new feature to proactively warn you if there is data in Microsoft Dynamics that will cause problems in Management Reporter. If you are using a data mart integration with Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, the Configuration Console will now automatically review the data in your ERP for inconsistent…


Refresh a report in the Management Reporter web viewer (CU9 Feature)

There are times when you want to be able to get an updated view of the data in a report without having to go back in Report Designer to regenerate the report. One of the main times this is needed is when folks are making their month end adjustments.  With Management Reporter CU9, we’ve added…