Resetting the Management Reporter data mart

There have been a few questions around troubleshooting the data mart and how to rebuild or reset the data mart when required. In this post, We’d like to clarify when resetting the data mart is required, and hopefully clear up some misunderstandings around the process. We’ve been hearing, pretty consistently, that customers are rebuilding the…


Management Reporter bugs now available in LCS Issue Search

Management Reporter bugs are now visible in Lifecycle Services (LCS) Issue search. Issue search is another great tool within LCS to help with troubleshooting. Currently both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Management Reporter bugs are searchable.   For Management Reporter, bugs will be visible through LCS when they are triaged to be fixed. Additional updates in LCS will occur…


Now Available! Lifecycle Services Diagnostics for Management Reporter and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

I’m happy to announce that eight new diagnostics scripts are now included for AX2012 specific to GL and Budgeting that help identify data inconsistencies that cause issues for Management Reporter integrations. These scripts check for invalid data within General Ledger and Budgeting that can cause reports to be incorrect. Most of the invalid data in these…


Downloading formulas to Excel – Feedback and Hotfix

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about the new feature added in CU10 to include TOT row formulas when downloading reports to Microsoft Excel. Along with that feedback, a couple of issues were also found. We’ve released a hotfix that addresses the problems people were seeing when downloading reports with formulas. You can download the…


Improvements made to User Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for deleted or removed users

We’ve been hearing feedback that the user integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 wasn’t handling deleted or removed users as well as it could. With CU9 we’ve made a few improvements to make sure that a user within Dynamics AX who is deleted from your Active Directory will no longer have access to Management Reporter, and…


ERP Data validation with data mart (CU9 Feature)

For Management Reporter CU9, we’ve introduced a new feature to proactively warn you if there is data in Microsoft Dynamics that will cause problems in Management Reporter. If you are using a data mart integration with Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, the Configuration Console will now automatically review the data in your ERP for inconsistent…


How to tell what update of Management Reporter you are using

If you’ve ever talked with the support team or the product team, you’ve probably gotten asked what release of Management Reporter you are using. Here’s a quick way to know that update you have on your system. Go to Help | About in Report Designer: In the screen shot above, you’ll see the version number is 2.1.8000.1….


How to use the database deployment tool for Windows 2003

This week I’m posting an instructional video on how to use the database deployment tool. Why would I use the database deployment tool? The database deployment tool was created to support those that need to run the Management Reporter services from a Windows 2003 machine. It is required to create a new Management Reporter or data mart…


Getting the help you need for Management Reporter

 At some point in time, you may need to submit a support request for Management Reporter. To make sure you get the help you need in an efficient way, our support team suggests using the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool when submitting a technical support request. Diagnostics improves the customer support experience by leveraging the deep technical expertise of CSS…


Understanding the Microsoft Access Database Engine Prerequisite

I’ve recently had several questions on the prerequisite for the Microsoft Access Database Engine. I wanted to provide some background on this to help understand you might be seeing this prerequisite. Here are screenshots depicting  where you may see this error: Management Reporter needs either Microsoft Office or the free Microsoft Access Database Engine redistributable…