Management Reporter bugs now available in LCS Issue Search

Management Reporter bugs are now visible in Lifecycle Services (LCS) Issue search. Issue search is another great tool within LCS to help with troubleshooting. Currently both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Management Reporter bugs are searchable.   For Management Reporter, bugs will be visible through LCS when they are triaged to be fixed. Additional updates in LCS will occur…


Linking to another Management Reporter report

We get asked quite a bit how to include information from one Management Reporter report on another Management Reporter report. This can be done in Management Reporter by using the link to Management Reporter worksheet option in the row definition. A few things to keep in mind when using this option: The source report has…


How to handle zero values on your report

When designing your report, you may encounter some areas where you have a zero value. The zero value may be caused by no activity thus far, a calculation that isn’t relevant for all rows or columns of a report, or because of another type of calculation. In some cases it is beneficial to see that…


How to tell what update of Management Reporter you are using

If you’ve ever talked with the support team or the product team, you’ve probably gotten asked what release of Management Reporter you are using. Here’s a quick way to know that update you have on your system. Go to Help | About in Report Designer: In the screen shot above, you’ll see the version number is 2.1.8000.1….


Getting Started with a New Report – Row Definition Basics

Management Reporter uses building blocks to make sure that your reports can reuse existing rows, columns, and trees rather than creating unique ones per report. There are a few concepts that can help you when building a new report to help reduce the need for maintenance and increase reusability. When creating a new report, often the…


Suppressing drill down on specific report lines

There may be times when you want users to be able to drill down to details on certain lines in a report, but not all lines. Instead of creating multiple reports, use the XD format code in the row definition. The video below shows you how to use it and what users will see in…


Format rows using indent to accent specific lines in your report

It can be difficult for users to consume a report if it is all one large block of numbers. When designing a report, it is important to add some formatting to make the report easier to read and get information from. One common thing users do to break up reports is to format the detail rows on…


What do I need to configure in Dynamics AX to get the most out of Management Reporter?

Management Reporter provides many features to enable a wide variety of reporting scenarios. You can generate traditional financial statements, detailed budget and forecast reports, and operational type reports from Management Reporter. In order to get the most out of Management Reporter, consider following this checklist to make use of all that’s available in Management Reporter. 1. Setup…


Tips on moving Management Reporter to a new server

If you’ve looked for information on how to move Management Reporter from one server to another — maybe when you’re upgrading hardware or consolidating applications — we’ve got some documented help. The steps for doing this are fairly straightforward.  You’ll basically need to back up the database and restore it on your new server.  Once…


Using non-printing columns in column calculations

When using non-printing columns in your column calculations be sure to think about the columns you want included in the calculation. If you define range calculation, only the printing columns are included in the calculation. If you define each column individually in the calculation, printing and non-printing columns are included in the calculation. In the…