How to enable data mart integration notifications

We’ve talked previously about the advantages of the Management Reporter data mart.  This feature uses the existing Management Reporter server and client to connect to a data mart that holds the necessary financial data needed for financial reporting. This data mart uses a trickle method to continuously move data from Dynamics to the data mart….


Creating Snapshot Reports with Management Reporter

Management Reporter allows you to create wide variety of financial reports. We show examples of many different kinds of reports in our demos that take advantage of the dimension filtering capabilities in Management Reporter. Typically, the row definition contains the main or natural account and the reporting tree definition contains departments or cost centers.  But…


Getting the help you need for Management Reporter

 At some point in time, you may need to submit a support request for Management Reporter. To make sure you get the help you need in an efficient way, our support team suggests using the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool when submitting a technical support request. Diagnostics improves the customer support experience by leveraging the deep technical expertise of CSS…


Understanding the Microsoft Access Database Engine Prerequisite

I’ve recently had several questions on the prerequisite for the Microsoft Access Database Engine. I wanted to provide some background on this to help understand you might be seeing this prerequisite. Here are screenshots depicting  where you may see this error: Management Reporter needs either Microsoft Office or the free Microsoft Access Database Engine redistributable…


Applying an update to Management Reporter 2012

Today, I’ve got tips for you when applying the update to Management Reporter 2012 Char mentions here.    The high level steps for the update are:   Read the documentation Download the update Update the server Update the database Update the clients   After you’ve updated the server, be sure to open the Configuration Console…


How Dimension Names Impact Management Reporter

I have seen some confusion about information missing from reports, reports returning zeros, and how to create consolidations for multiple companies. Today we’re going to take a look at how the link to Financial Dimensions column works and some scenarios to watch out for. In Management Reporter when you log into a company,  the name…


Reporting on Microsoft Forecaster Data in Management Reporter

We all want to report on information from our budgets, and many customers are using Microsoft Forecaster for budgeting and forecasting. If you’re on Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL or Dynamics AX 2009, you have Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer tool that will transfer balances from Microsoft Forecaster into the Dynamics ERP so you can report on…


Training: Keep reports up to date with Missing Account Analysis

Previously,we showed you a high level overview of Missing Account Analysis. Today, we’d like go deeper into how to use Missing Account Analysis to keep your reports up to date. This 15 minute video will: Provide an overview of Missing Account Analysis along with the different fields and what they do Discuss best practices in designing…


Install Experience – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

With Management Reporter 2012, we are making what we believe you’ll see as some positive changes to the system requirements. Removing the requirement for Internet Information Services (IIS) – This was primarily used as the endpoint that connected the client to the application server. It also served a role in setup and configuration of companies. …