Getting Started with a New Report – Row Definition Basics

Management Reporter uses building blocks to make sure that your reports can reuse existing rows, columns, and trees rather than creating unique ones per report. There are a few concepts that can help you when building a new report to help reduce the need for maintenance and increase reusability. When creating a new report, often the…


Build detail reports quickly using Insert Rows from Dimensions

Reports that break out your financial details into logical groupings like accounts or dimensions are very powerful. This type of report can let you see the detail for your entire organization by browsing through a list of values. This type of detail can be viewed through either drilling into a summary report, or by building…


Linking one report to another in Management Reporter

There may be times that you want to include a value from one report on another report.   This could be you want net income from your income statement to be on your balance sheet or you want detailed reports to drive a summary report. In either case, Management Reporter provides a way to link these reports together…


Web viewer quick reference guide

Since releasing the web viewer, we’ve done quite a few posts and videos on what it can do and how to use it.  All of this information is a great resource, but we still get quite a few questions about what the web viewer does and how people can use it.  So, I thought I’d pull together a…


Using non-printing columns in column calculations

When using non-printing columns in your column calculations be sure to think about the columns you want included in the calculation. If you define range calculation, only the printing columns are included in the calculation. If you define each column individually in the calculation, printing and non-printing columns are included in the calculation. In the…


Taking Your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter – Financial Matrix (8 of 8)

The final report in the “Taking your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter” series is called “Financial Matrix.” A senior leader in the company needs to be able to see how all of his retail channels are performing. The financial matrix gives him a high level view of each retail channel by…


Taking Your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter – Quarterly Revenue by Business Unit (1 of 8)

The first report in the “Taking your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter” series is called “Quarterly Revenue by Business Unit.” This report is designed to help someone like the sales manager zero in on the most critical revenue information. Assume the company is in Quarter 3 (Q3) of their fiscal year….


Sorting columns for enhanced variance reporting

Monitoring your organization’s performance when compared to a budget is a common business task. With  Management Reporter, you can easily compare budget to actual balances, as well as view the supporting transactions. One feature that you may not be aware of, is that you can sort  the report in order of variance dollars, variance percentage, or any…


Relive Convergence 2013—Online!

If you attended Convergence and are looking for refreshers on the Management Reporter and Forecaster content, be sure to check out “Convergence 2013 – Online!” From this site, you’ll e able to view content from Convergence breakout sessions, keynotes, general sessions, concurrents and deep dives sessions. The  ‘My Convergence’ site will be available for 12…


Partner to host free Management Reporter and Forecaster online user conferences in April

Free online user conference for Management Reporter and Forecaster have been scheduled for April 16 and 17. Hosted by MSX Group, a Microsoft partner the specializes in Corporate Performance Management (CPM), these conferences will focus on both beginner and advanced user training and tips to help you get the most out of your CPM solutions….