Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 Now Available!

Management Reporter 2012 CU13 has been posted for download. This release contains quality fixes as well as a number of regulatory features. Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU13 features: View a report in the web viewer in a grid view Display zero rounded values and zero actual values based on a report definition…


How to handle zero values on your report

When designing your report, you may encounter some areas where you have a zero value. The zero value may be caused by no activity thus far, a calculation that isn’t relevant for all rows or columns of a report, or because of another type of calculation. In some cases it is beneficial to see that…


Getting Started with a New Report – Row Definition Basics

Management Reporter uses building blocks to make sure that your reports can reuse existing rows, columns, and trees rather than creating unique ones per report. There are a few concepts that can help you when building a new report to help reduce the need for maintenance and increase reusability. When creating a new report, often the…


Displaying zeros as dashes in Management Reporter

A great way to customize how data is displayed on your report is by using format overrides. One of the customizations available, is changing how zeros are displayed. The video below shows you how to use a format override to display dashes instead of zeros.              


Excel enhancements in Management Reporter CU8

While the web viewer for Management Reporter reports offers a number of interactive and collaborative features, sometimes you just want to view a report in Excel. There were a number of enhancements made in how reports are exported to Excel in CU8. These enhancements were targeted to help provide a consistent experience between the viewer and Excel. Exporting…


Side by side reports (CU8 Feature)

There may be times when you need to place data side by side in your financial reports. One of the most common scenarios for this a side by side balance sheet where assets are on one side and liabilities and owner’s equity are on the other. With Management Reporter CU8, this can be done with a…


Autotext in CALC columns (CU8 feature)

There may be situations where you have reports that require calculated periods or where you need to perform some calculations to get to your final report format. With CU8 of Management Reporter, you can now apply autotext codes such as @CalMonthLong and @FiscalPeriod to print the period name, period description, and other date related autotext…


Management Reporter CU8 released!

Hi everyone, This is my first CPM blog and I get the pleasure of announcing the release of Management Reporter 2012 CU8. This release, which has been posted for download, includes currency translation within the data mart for Dynamics GP 2013 customers, side by side report layouts, additional formatting options, and more. Here’s a summary…