Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer Tool Updated

The Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer Tool has been updated to include support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.   You can download the updated Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer Tool from CustomerSource.


Microsoft Forecaster – SP5 now available!

To cap off a great week talking with customers and partners at Convergence 2013 in New Orleans, we are happy to announce the release of Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 SP5. This service pack addresses issues surrounding Human Resources and Revenue as well as other product issues. For more information and to download Service Pack 5, visit…


Microsoft Forecaster: Using menus to drill down on reports

With budgeting season fast approaching, it’s time to start looking at how you can take advantage of features in Microsoft Forecaster that you may not be using or you are underutilizing. Menus are one of these features. Microsoft Forecaster contains different types of menus for different reasons: Input Menus – control the input sets users…


Creating a Management Reporter report to import data into Microsoft Forecaster

As we move into budgeting season for many customers, it’s a good idea to use Management Reporter to create an actual data import file for into Microsoft Forecaster. This actual data can be great for creating forecasts and baselines in Microsoft Forecaster. For reporting on Microsoft Forecaster data in Management Reporter refer to this previously…


Reporting on Microsoft Forecaster Data in Management Reporter

We all want to report on information from our budgets, and many customers are using Microsoft Forecaster for budgeting and forecasting. If you’re on Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL or Dynamics AX 2009, you have Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer tool that will transfer balances from Microsoft Forecaster into the Dynamics ERP so you can report on…


Did you Know? – Using Adjustments in Microsoft Forecaster

Today, I wanted to spend some time talking about Adjustments in Microsoft Forecaster. This feature often comes up in discussions with customers as something they are not aware of or are unsure how to use.  Adjustments allow for quick and easy updates at the posting or summary level. This is extremely powerful if you need…


Use Tasks in Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 to Automate Work and Save Time

If you are using Microsoft Forecaster, you may have used tasks to perform a recalculation of input set values, or possibly run an allocation. In addition to these items, there are several other great  things you can do with tasks.  In many of the Forecaster implementations I’ve seen, tasks are always brought up at the…


Microsoft Forecaster – SP4 is now available!

Microsoft Forecaster Service Pack 4 is now available.  This service pack addressed issues surrounding Human Resources and improved performance for calculating revenue, along with resolving other product issues. For more information and to download Service Pack 4, visit Microsoft Forecaster Service Pack Overview.  We will also be extending mainstream support for Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 through…


Looking for training on Microsoft Forecaster?

Are you ready to get going with Microsoft Forecaster, or add features to your existing Forecaster environment?  I’ve compiled a list of resources to provide some training and help you get there. You can view a demonstration here. This is a great overview to help explain the different components that can be setup within Forecaster…


Microsoft Forecaster – Using Overrides to present relevant data to users

Did you know that Microsoft Forecaster allows the setup of templates that can be applied to different departments within the same budget? Overrides By going to the Setup | Budget | Input Set and clicking on the Overrides tab, you will see a window that you can assign a different set of Lines or Calculations…