Management Reporter RU5 brings new features, support for new countries

Management Reporter RU5 brings a variety of new features to Management Reporter users, along with support for two additional countries. As of today, customers and partners can download Management Reporter RU5 . Key features in Management Reporter RU5 include: Collapse detailed report into summary view – Any report displayed in the Web Viewer can automatically…


Preparing your reports for 2013

It’s the New Year and as you are busy doing year end close and maybe stressing about taxes, it’s a good idea to step through this checklist to make sure any Management Reporter reports are prepared for the New Year. Complete Step   Update budgets in the Column Definition   Add new accounts or dimensions…


How to use the database deployment tool for Windows 2003

This week I’m posting an instructional video on how to use the database deployment tool. Why would I use the database deployment tool? The database deployment tool was created to support those that need to run the Management Reporter services from a Windows 2003 machine. It is required to create a new Management Reporter or data mart…


Microsoft Forecaster: Using menus to drill down on reports

With budgeting season fast approaching, it’s time to start looking at how you can take advantage of features in Microsoft Forecaster that you may not be using or you are underutilizing. Menus are one of these features. Microsoft Forecaster contains different types of menus for different reasons: Input Menus – control the input sets users…


Report Wizard in Management Reporter

Are you new to Management Reporter?  Do you want to quickly design some basic reports?  Management Reporter has a step by step report wizard that allows you to quickly create a balance sheet, income statement, or trial balance.  (Tools -> Report Wizard)   As you can see from the screen shot below, there are multiple…


How Dimension Names Impact Management Reporter

I have seen some confusion about information missing from reports, reports returning zeros, and how to create consolidations for multiple companies. Today we’re going to take a look at how the link to Financial Dimensions column works and some scenarios to watch out for. In Management Reporter when you log into a company,  the name…


How can you get Management Reporter 2012?

Hopefully, we’ve told you enough about Management Reporter 2012 that you’re wondering how you can get it!  Let’s break it down for a couple scenarios…. You’re already using Management Reporter V2… If you’re already using Management Reporter V2, it’s pretty easy to get Management Reporter 2012. You just need to get going with the download;…


Attributes – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Attributes are used in Management Reporter for two different purposes, filtering data and for displaying additional information about an account or transaction. In Management Reporter 2012, for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX 2012 customers, we have made it easier to work with attributes in row and column definitions by limiting the drop down lists to…


Company Integration – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

One of the new features of Management Reporter 2012 will be functionality to make the install and setup experience much easier by enabling company integrations. Rather than setting up companies manually, we will provide functionality to import your companies from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This means that instead of manually setting up companies, names, and…


Quick Links – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Quick links are dynamically created to let report consumers jump to key areas of a report in the Report Viewer, allowing them to quick scan the information important to them.