Choosing your calculation priority for totals and calculations

Report Definitions in Management Reporter have a setting for Calculation priority on the Settings tab. By default the setting has row calculations being performed first and then column calculations. Most people do not even know about this setting because 95% of the time you never need to change it. However, every now then you have…


Getting Started with a New Report – Row Definition Basics

Management Reporter uses building blocks to make sure that your reports can reuse existing rows, columns, and trees rather than creating unique ones per report. There are a few concepts that can help you when building a new report to help reduce the need for maintenance and increase reusability. When creating a new report, often the…


Suppressing drill down on specific report lines

There may be times when you want users to be able to drill down to details on certain lines in a report, but not all lines. Instead of creating multiple reports, use the XD format code in the row definition. The video below shows you how to use it and what users will see in…


Showing minority interest as a row on a consolidated income statement

Wow! Minority interest showing as its own row on an income statement has been a hot topic over the last few weeks. We’ve been getting quite a few questions about it lately. We’ve shown you ownership percentages before in the consolidation series, but this is a bit different. With minority interest, companies want to show 100% of…


How to create a rolling 12 month report

Earlier this year at Convergence, we had the opportunity to showcase some of our customer’s reports. During one of the consolidation reports, when we showed the column definition, we had customer’s frantically scribbling down the syntax in the column definition for a rolling 12 months in one column. So I thought I would take the…


Taking Your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter – Quarterly Revenue by Business Unit (1 of 8)

The first report in the “Taking your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter” series is called “Quarterly Revenue by Business Unit.” This report is designed to help someone like the sales manager zero in on the most critical revenue information. Assume the company is in Quarter 3 (Q3) of their fiscal year….


Take Your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter — Introduction to Blog Series

Often when we talk about Management Reporter and Microsoft Dynamics ERPs we focus on the traditional financial statements, since that’s one of the things Management Reporter does so well. Over the next couple of weeks, we are taking a different approach.  We’ll be showing you how to create eight different reports that not only take…


Split Segment in Management Reporter

Reporting Tree Definitions in Management Reporter provide you with the ability to define your reporting structure according to your organization. Defining the structure is done through the use of companies and dimensions. At times, your structure needs to be modeled more precisely or your chart of accounts may not reflect how you want to report….


Creating Snapshot Reports with Management Reporter

Management Reporter allows you to create wide variety of financial reports. We show examples of many different kinds of reports in our demos that take advantage of the dimension filtering capabilities in Management Reporter. Typically, the row definition contains the main or natural account and the reporting tree definition contains departments or cost centers.  But…