Management Reporter CU8 released!

Hi everyone, This is my first CPM blog and I get the pleasure of announcing the release of Management Reporter 2012 CU8. This release, which has been posted for download, includes currency translation within the data mart for Dynamics GP 2013 customers, side by side report layouts, additional formatting options, and more. Here’s a summary…


Acquisition date attribute for Dynamics AX 2012 (CU7 feature)

Management Reporter CU7 introduced currency translation for Dynamics AX 2012 customers. Along with this feature we added the ability to see the attribute date associated with each transaction so you can track what date the exchange rate uses for translation. View this video to learn more about acquisition date.


Filter columns based upon Dynamics GP Reporting Ledgers

Reporting ledgers in Dynamics GP allow you to assign a journal entry to a specific reporting ledger. There are three options for reporting ledger: Base, Local and IFRS. Typically, journal entries get posted to the Base reporting ledger, but Dynamics GP users can select to also post to the Local or IFRS reporting ledgers. You…

60 Dynamics AX 2012 attributes available in Management Reporter

By now, with all the blogs post highlighting what you can do with Management Reporter, you are probably ready to take reporting to the next level. More than likely you have read a blog or heard a presentation where we discuss the benefits and flexibility you have with report design when you use attributes. The…


What do I need to configure in Dynamics AX to get the most out of Management Reporter?

Management Reporter provides many features to enable a wide variety of reporting scenarios. You can generate traditional financial statements, detailed budget and forecast reports, and operational type reports from Management Reporter. In order to get the most out of Management Reporter, consider following this checklist to make use of all that’s available in Management Reporter. 1. Setup…

Using audit attributes on Dynamics AX reports — Management Reporter CU6

Audit time is stressful enough with reaching deadlines and gathering all the right information and documents required. Let Management Reporter make it easier for you, whether you are the auditor or the one being audited. Using the same flexible design you use for all your reports, you can now add all the required fields an…


Adding vendor and customer to a Dynamics AX report — Management Reporter CU6

 Who you are paying and who owes you money are two very important questions every business needs to answer on a daily basis. This is easily done when you have vendor and customer as dimensions in Dynamics AX 2012. But what if you don’t? With Management Reporter CU6, Dynamics AX 2012 customers can now add…


Taking Your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter – Postings Audit (5 of 8)

The fifth report in the “Taking your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter” series is called “Postings Audit.” Entering transactions accurately is important for proper reporting. Transactions should be posted to the correct accounts and dimensions with the correct amounts. The Audit report helps you evaluate how transactions were posted by providing a look a…


Using posting layers in Management Reporter

Within Management Reporter, data can by restricted by the operations, tax and current posting layers from Microsoft Dynamics AX.  This video shows you how to use those posting layers in Management Reporter to create accurate reports for specialized report needs.