Clarification on Management Reporter announcement

In response to the many questions we have been getting lately in regards to the GP announcement at Amplify, we want to clarify the product positioning for Management Reporter.

  1. Management Reporter is the preferred financial reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, and SL.
  2. Management Reporter will continue to be supported through the lifecycle of the ERP versions it ships with.
  3. Management Reporter has been renamed to financial reporting in Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘7’.

Comments (2)

  1. MarcK4096 says:


    Windows 7 is still being supported, but it is not a good type of support. That announcement makes it seem like MR support will be of the “extended” type in which no new functionality is added. Some of us were still hoping that things like “effective dates” might actually make it into the product or that the data mart would become more reliable.

  2. Jake Roder says:

    Thanks for this Ryan.

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