Resetting the Management Reporter data mart

There have been a few questions around troubleshooting the data mart and how to rebuild or reset the data mart when required. In this post, We’d like to clarify when resetting the data mart is required, and hopefully clear up some misunderstandings around the process. We’ve been hearing, pretty consistently, that customers are rebuilding the…


Clarification on Management Reporter announcement

In response to the many questions we have been getting lately in regards to the GP announcement at Amplify, we want to clarify the product positioning for Management Reporter. Management Reporter is the preferred financial reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, and SL. Management Reporter will continue to be supported through the lifecycle of…


SPED ECF v2 Regulatory Feature for Brazil Now Available for Download

The SPED ECF v2 regulatory feature for Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 customers in Brazil is now available for download. This is a regulatory release and contains only components specific to this regulatory feature. This release should only be installed if you are a Microsoft Dynamics AX customer with operations in Brazil….