Management Reporter CU13 Hotfix Now Available

An issue was discovered with Management Reporter CU13 related to how reporting trees displayed in the web viewer. The scrollbar in the reporting tree window doesn't display when the reporting tree button selected after CU13 is applied. With this hotfix, the scroll will now display.


Issue ID



Web Viewer missing scroll bar for tree units with CU13


You can download the hotfix from CustomerSource.


**UPDATED 8/25/2015**

The hotfix is a zip a file with two patch files in it. This patch gets applied to the server only. The client doesn't need to be updated. If you downloaded the hotfix and it was an exe file, please download the hot fix again from the location above.


Version history

Management Reporter CU13 - 2.12.13001.13 

Management Reporter CU13 Hotfix 3660417 - 2.12.13001.16

Comments (7)
  1. When will CU14 been released ? I see on LCS that some bugs (Issue 3658362) have been fixed in CU14…

  2. Jill Carter says:

    CU14 is still in the planning the stages. At this point, we don't have a release date identified.

  3. Hi Jill,

    The Hotfix 1 for CU13 doesn't work … When downloading the package and extracting the file, running the setup.exe program throws an error stating "The installation package could not be found. Expected file C:TEMPCU13HF1pkgServerMRServer_x64.msi"

    Reality is that the files have an extension .msp and not .msi as it was the case in the previous packages… Q&A did not a good job here again :-(.

  4. Jill Carter says:

    The exe file has been replaced with a zip file containing the *.msp files. This was an upload issue, not a testing issue. Please download the file again.

  5. TSMurphy1234 says:

    Just to clarify, if we are doing a new install or upgrading to CU13.  

    1.>  Install Management Reporter CU13 – 2.12.13002.1 (based on Ryan Sandness's posting:…/management-reporter-2012-cu-13-now-available.aspx )

    2.> Install Management Reporter CU13 Hotfix 3660417 – 2.12.13001.16

    Is this correct procedures and file versions?

  6. If you install the Management Reporter re-release (, it includes this hotfix.

  7. JonasJhy says:

    When i try to open any report the system show next error

    "TableLayoutPanel cannot expand to contain the control, because the panel's GrowStyle property is set to FixedSize."

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