Management Reporter bugs now available in LCS Issue Search

Management Reporter bugs are now visible in Lifecycle Services (LCS) Issue search. Issue search is another great tool within LCS to help with troubleshooting. Currently both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Management Reporter bugs are searchable.


For Management Reporter, bugs will be visible through LCS when they are triaged to be fixed. Additional updates in LCS will occur when either a cumulative update or hotfix is available to fix the issue. To see a list of current known issues, you can search for "known issue" and restrict the product to Management Reporter 2012.

In order to access Issue search, you can do the following:

1. Navigate to

2. Click Sign in

Note: You must use the same credentials that you use to access CustomerSource or PartnerSource. If you don't have access to CustomerSource, then you will only have access to an evaluation version of LCS, which does not include Issue search

3. Accept the Microsoft Online Services Agreement if you haven't already signed in before

4. Create a project

5. Click the + button under Recent projects to create a new project

6. Fill out the project details including Name, Product name, Product version, Industry, and Methodology. Any settings should be fine as long as you don't select a pre-sales type of project

7. Scroll to the right and select Issue search

8. Begin searching





Comments (3)

  1. Roger says:

    I created an account and logged in… (after having to upgrade to IE 11 – noticing that the site has been designed for Edge) but I can only create a project for a new AX Migration, not to see existing MR bugs.  (MR doesn't come up as a software option).

    I am the administrator for our CustomerSource account.  Is there something I am missing?

  2. Roger says:

    Kind of never mind on my last message…looks like you can do an issue search without having a project now.  It's on the left side of my screen in IE11 (and I guess Edge, can't remember what I saw from home).  All I know is that this site doesn't work in Firefox or IE10.

    With that said, what is the tentative release schedule for CU13?  I saw at least one issue mentioned that it was fixed in CU13…we are skipping CU12 because the bug fixes aren't impacting us as much but we are expecting a fix on our major existing issue with CU13…

  3. Ryan,

    This site looks very weird… I registered and when trying to add a product, the pull down list is just empty… cannot select anything.

    Do we need to be 'authorized' first ? I've been on MS Connect for years, and was wondering if LCS is a complementary resource or will on the long run replace Connect ?

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