Management Reporter 2012 CU 12 Now Available!

Management Reporter 2012 CU12 has been posted for download. This is a quality release focusing on bug fixes only.

CU12 contains all of the enhancements and bug fixes from hotfixes 1-4, including:

  • Indication of currently active reporting tree node
  • Added the ability to use BASE+1:12 in the column definition
  • Report generation performance improvements
  • Additional fixes for product defects

As well as additional fixes that were added post-HF4:

  • Ability to exclude NP rows from exporting to Excel by disabling the export of formulas
  • Ability to export NP rows at the Account and Transaction detail levels
  • Additional fixes for exporting to Excel where you would receive an operand error when exporting with formulas enabled
  • Additional fixes for product defects

Version Information

Management Reporter CU12 RTM - 2.1.12000.26

You can view which ERP versions are supported by this release by reviewing our compatibility list here.


You can find the download for Management Reporter CU12 here: Please note that at the time of this posting the en-us version is available for download; all other versions will be posted by Monday, April 27.

Comments (9)

  1. Paul Gilmore says:


    Having some issues with MR 2012 CU12, although I haven't tested the results in earlier versions of MR.

    User performs a drill down on a Row.

    Both at the Account Level as well as Transaction level, the report does not sort by the MAIN segment as intended. It appears to first sort by CURRENT YEAR FD amount, then by Account. So if an Account does not have a current year balance, but has transactions (such as including UN-POSTED) or Last Year, then the accounts sort at the bottom, not in line with other accounts.

    Also, when transactions included are UN-POSTED, the related account description does not show up.

    any work-around suggestions?

  2. Tim says:

    I have an issue with the web viewer and the reporting tree – I have a hierarchy with 5 levels and the window to view the reporting tree seems to be restricted in width which means I have to scroll right and then down to see my hierarchy – has this been resolved in this release ?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Marc K says:

    Went from CU8 to CU12.  Now when a Generator user (almost all of our users) closes a report, an error is displayed "You don't have permission to perform this action".  LCS lists this as issue 3404932 for CU11 with a status of "resolved".  But, I have CU12 and I don't see any CU12 hotfixes available.

  4. Ryan says:

    @Marc K

    I am having the same issue, I heard it was confirmed as a bug.

  5. Paul –

    Sorting by the Main account may require you to check the option to sort by main account. It is buried some under Report settings. I'm not aware of any issues with Unposted transactions, so you may want to check with the support team or in the Dynamics communities for other feedback.

    Tim –

    There were no changes to scrolling in the Reporting Tree. Please see our blog post on suggestions, and please leave feedback that you'd like to see this improved.

    Marc and Ryan –

    There is an issue around closing reports as a limited user. This will be fixed in the MR CU13 release.

  6. Marc K says:


    It's disappointing that this fix was not included in CU12 (or one of the CU11 hotfixes, or a CU12 hotfix).  It's not helpful when trying to persuade people to switch from FRx to have to say "Oh, that's a known bug that's been around for 6 months.  Just click OK every time it pops up.  Don't worry, though.  Trust me when I say that Management Reporter is just as reliable as FRx."  

    I wish you guys would not let highly visible issues like this sit around for so long.  

  7. Marc K says:


    To me, this "You don't have permission to perform this action" issue indicates you have a serious problem with QA.  For this to get through means that none of your testers bothered to log in as a generator user.  Or, if they did, they were not capable enough to recognize this was a problem.  

    CU11 also saw the introduction of the bug in which company access was removed from generator and viewer users.  This is also a case in which it appears the testers weren't logging in as these roles.

    Management Reporter is an enterprise financial reporting system.  It needs to be reliable.  It needs to produce accurate numbers all the time.  That it's so obvious the QA is not very competent is highly troubling.  When super obvious bugs like this make it into production releases, your users are left wondering what harder to detect bugs also made it in.

    Please take a hard look at how QA operates and see what can be done to bring quality up to where it needs to be.

  8. Manu says:

    Hi Ryan,

     We are getting following error while configuring MR CU12."An error occured while configuring 'Management Reporter Application Service'".

      Can you guide us on this. Thanks in advance

  9. Amanda says:

    When exporting All Reporting Units to separate worksheets in Excel with formulas, I receive a Circular Reference error. The formulas that export out are not correct when this happens. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a workaround? Is this corrected in CU13?

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