Management Reporter 2012 CU11 Hotfix 4 Now Available

An optional hotfix rollup is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU11. This hotfix contains all of the bugs we have completed fixing in the last few weeks. You can take the hotfix release if there is a bug impacting you, or you can wait until there is a cumulative update available, just like previous releases.

This hotfix requires CU11 Hotfix 2 (2.1.11002.5) as the base. Hotfix 3 is also recommended, but not required. There is an update to the server only. There are no localized files included in this hotfix, so all locales will use the same hotfix package. There was some confusion in the past hotfix on how to determine your Management Reporter version. Depending on the type of fixes, the Configuration Console and the Report Designer may not always increase in version number. The best way to review your version is to compare version numbers, and then also go to add and remove programs and click view installed updates.

Here is a screenshot showing that HF2 was installed as the base (2.1.11002), and that both HF3 (Hotfix 3359612) and HF4 (Hotfix 3387041) have been installed.



Bug ID

3595667 CheckMainSegmentId sub query should be configurable for timeout value for large data sets
3373858 BASE-1:BASE Periodic column with a YTD column errors when drilling to transaction level
3386323 Syntax error/report fails to generate when using a Dimension Filter in a column definition when the DataMartMAXDOP option is set to 0 or greater
3408094 Report generation performance issue when using 1 million or more codes in a single dimension
3404939 Budget entry with Budget Control will cause MERGE error on Scenario table after initial integration
3318210 dimComboRow INSERT query slow without any INNER JOINs on DimensionValue due to formatting


The hotfix has been posted to CustomerSource. As mentioned above, the best way to see if HF4 is installed is to view installed updates, rather than relying on a version number.

You can view which ERP versions are supported by this hotfix by reviewing our compatibility list here.

Comments (2)

  1. SheilaJR says:

    Hello Ryan,

    After applying CU11 & Hotfix 2 on the server & the client I am getting the following error when running reports:

    "an error occurred while retrieving balances from the source system provider".

    I then applied Hotfix 4 at the server & rebooted – still the same error.

    Any ideas why?


  2. SheilaJR says:

    Well I have an update.  I removed the Data mart and reconfigured and this took care of the error.  Should this be a standard practice when upgrading MR?



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