Management Reporter 2012 CU11 Hotfix 3 Now Available

An optional hotfix rollup is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU11. This hotfix contains all of the bugs we have completed fixing in the last three weeks. You can take the hotfix release if there is a bug impacting you, or you can wait until there is a cumulative update available, just like previous releases.

This hotfix requires CU11 Hotfix 2 (2.1.11002.5) as the base. You will need to upgrade from a prior release to Management Reporter CU11 HF2 first, then apply HF3. There is both an update to the client and the server. There are no localized files included in this hotfix, so all locales will use the same hotfix package.


If you are using the Management Reporter data mart with Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, you should disable your ERP integration prior to upgrading to Hotfix 3 to avoid bug 3373819. Do not restart your process service or enable your integration until Hotfix 3 has been applied to the server.


Bug ID

3249707 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException causing Process Service to stop from a scheduled report
3248432 Generating to a Report Group to Excel adds or removes formatting lines from individual reports
3214748 Issues moving Reporting Tree Definitions between folders
3373819 Generator and Designer users lose access to companies with CU11 HF2
3366638 Dynamics SL transactions incorrectly integrated as Unposted when the GLTran.Posted value contains a lowercase p
3322491 Report Designer crash issues when modifying building blocks


The hotfix has been posted to CustomerSource. Hotfix 3 is version 2.1.1102.11.


Comments (12)

  1. Noah Moseley says:

    When exporting reports to Excel, non-printing rows are included as hidden rows. This was not the case in earlier versions of MR. In previous versions, non-printing rows were not included in the Excel file. Is there any way to fix this when exporting or plans to change it back? thank you.

  2. Bill I says:

    Agreed with Noah – having the same problem

  3. Ryan says:

    Noah and Bill,

    I believe this changed with the ability to export formulas. Non-Printing rows will be exported when you export formulas. NP rows may be required to have correct formulas, so they will be there any time you export formulas. You should be able to disable formulas if you don't want NP rows to print.

  4. Bill Breitenbach says:

    Can you note when an update will require a server reboot? This will allow us to plan whether we can update during business hours or after hours.

    I tried to update to MR2012 CU11HF3 and got the message that a server reboot is required. It would have been nice to know that before I started.

  5. rolandkci says:

    We are currently on cumulative update 8 for management reporter and GP 2013 – not the R2 release. Can we upgrade Management Reporter to CU 11 HF3 without upgrading to GP 2013 R2?

  6. Fernando Guardone says:

    Can I install this version with Dynamics AX 2012 R2 RTM?

  7. Tommy Skaue says:

    Can you confirm that the Server Console does not get get the version 2.1.1102.11 after applying Hotfix3? I have upgrading server components to HF3, but the version number in the console remains the same as HF2.

  8. Saul says:


    CU11 was supposed to have fixed issue, 1750242 (Retained earnings are calculated taking the full opening balance each year times the exchange rate instead of the entry each year times the exchanged resulting in incorrect data) however I am still experiencing that issue after installing CU11 through hotfix 3. Could you provide any additional detail on how this was resolved and or what the currency translation type should be for this to work? I have tried with Weighted Average.

    Thank you,


  9. Martin Walker says:

    @Tommy: By way of some corroboration, I see the same behavior. The configuration console remains on version 2.1.11002.5, while the designer is version 2.1.11002.11.

  10. Bill U. says:

    When it states to " disable your ERP integration prior to upgrading to Hotfix 3 to avoid bug 3373819", what does that mean exactly?  Highligh the one integration I have listed, and remove.  Install the hotfix, and the import a new one?

    Does this apply for Hotfix 4 too?

  11. Mike Kerr says:

    Does anyone have a solution to NP rows being hidden rather than excluded when exporting to Excel? We are not exporting formulas. How do you disable formulas in order to prevent NP rows exporting to Excel? We've just installed V2.1.11001.1 to make this very annoying discovery!

  12. Jill Carter says:

    @Mike Kerr – This has been addressed in CU12.

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