Company Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 (CU 11 Feature)

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and Management Reporter CU11, you now have the ability to add new companies without ever opening the Configuration Console.

With the help of the Dynamics GP Team, the following features have been added:

  • A new option has been added to enable this company for General Ledger reporting
  • A new option has been added to enable this company for Analytical Accounting reporting
  • SQL Server Change Tracking will be added to the system or new company database when either of these options are selected

You can see these new settings by clicking on Options under Tools | Setup | Company | Company

For new companies, they will not be integrated into Management Reporter until an option in the Management Reporter area is selected, so they are off by default. Once all of the necessary setup, such as defining a functional currency, setting the main account segment, and configuring General Ledger parameters are completed, the company can be enabled as ready for posting transactions and reporting.

When Management Reporter is configured against Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, you will no longer have the ability to add or remove companies through the Configuration Console. These buttons will be removed, and changes must be made within Dynamics GP.


For more information on how GP companies are integrated, see the CU10 company selection blog post as well.


Comments (3)

  1. Charles Allen says:

    For a few companies, this new setup option is slightly tedious.  For an organization with many companies, this option will be very annoying.  Will you be able to update the option via SQL scripts or do you have to log into each GP company to initiate a process by checking the box?

  2. @Charles –

    By selecting these options within GP, change tracking is activated on the databases. If you were to do a manual update via SQL, change tracking would not get activated automatically. You could still open the Management Reporter Configuration Console and click to Configure Change Tracking once after all companies are enabled.

    Hopefully it should be a one time setup cost, and then as new companies are added the cost of enabling one or two companies should just be part of the new company setup process.

  3. Mitch says:

    Management Reporter has always given such tedious tasks and this just adds to it.

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