Updates for Dynamics GP Currency Translation

Management Reporter CU11 contains updates for GP Currency Translation. Changes to how currency translation works for GP are:

  • The account category is no longer required for Retained Earnings. The translation now uses the original document information to properly calculate the translated values.
  • Posting to Retained Earnings is also now supported. The ability to isolate posting to Retained Earnings using the originating document information allows the balances to now properly translate.
  • Expiration dates for all methods are now honored.
  • The Average method, or Rate Average in Dynamics GP, will now use a rate defined in a prior period, as long as the rate is not expired.
  • The quality issue surrounding using one rate for Retained Earnings has been addressed. 

We thank all the customers who provided feedback on these changes for Dynamics GP.

Comments (1)

  1. Greg Horner says:

    Thank you.
    When a year-end close is performed, is the net income/loss amount translated to retained earnings at the average rate over the year?
    I had heard it was being translated at the 12/31 rate instead.

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