Downloading formulas to Excel – Feedback and Hotfix

We've gotten a lot of great feedback about the new feature added in CU10 to include TOT row formulas when downloading reports to Microsoft Excel. Along with that feedback, a couple of issues were also found. We've released a hotfix that addresses the problems people were seeing when downloading reports with formulas. You can download the hotfix here.

As most of you know, we use Microsoft Connect to track suggestions that are important to customers. Many customers have asked when column formulas will be added to Management Reporter since TOT row formulas are now available. To track these requests, two new suggestions have been entered, one for CAL rows formulas and one for CALC column formulas. Please use these suggestions moving forward to help us prioritize these features for future releases of Management Reporter.

Thanks again for all of the great feedback! It's awesome to see so many people installing CU10 so quickly!

Comments (3)
  1. KP says:

    Yes, the suggestions already received for the CAL (row formulas) and CALC (column formulas) are great!  And would be very much appreciated.  

  2. miktassone says:

    Can you tell me if I need to re-create the datamart when I apply the Hotfix to a CU10 install. For an update from a prior MR version, do I use the CU10 release first and then the Hotfix, or just use the Hotfix?

  3. Ryan says:


    The hotfix is doesn't impact the data mart, it is just client/server code.

    If you are upgrading from CU9 or a previous release, you will need to install CU10 and the hotfix. The data mart will be reset as part of the CU10 upgrade process.

    If you are already on CU10 and just need the hotfix, then you just need to apply the hotfix. There are no changes to the data mart and no upgrade within the Config Console.

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