Management Reporter 2012 CU 10 Now Available!

Management Reporter 2012 CU10 has been posted for download. This release contains enhancements around some of the most voted on suggestions in MSConnect including; export to Excel enhancements, suppressing account category details on reports, and additional flexibility around company configuration for Dynamics GP. 

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU10 features:

  • Export row-based TOT formulas to Excel
  • An additional parameter has been added to control header and footer options for exporting to Excel in page view vs. normal view
  • Removed account category from showing in the viewer and exported reports
  • Improved generation and viewing performance if using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition
  • Ability to include or exclude companies for reporting in the Dynamics GP data mart
  • Ability to exclude Analytical Accounting details in the Dynamics GP data mart
  • Improved integration performance for large ERP databases
  • Additional fixes for product defects

A few other important notes:

  • All customers will have their data mart reset as part of the upgrade. Prior to installing or upgrading Management Reporter, please review the Readme file for important system updates.
  • Management Reporter CU10 will be the last supported release for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Management Reporter CU12 will be the last supported release for the legacy provider for Microsoft Dynamics SL

We’ll be posting about each of these features over the next week or so. You can find the download for Management Reporter CU10 here: Please note that at the time of this posting the en-us version is available for download; all other versions will be available within the next 24 hours at the same download location.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Installed CU10 and we now are having issues with exporting to Excel.  I had to remove the checkmarks on Export Headers and Footers, Export Format Rows, Export Underscore rows, and export formulas to get it to export.

  2. Noah Moseley says:

    These are some really good additions, folks. It is good to see features like exporting formulas to Excel being included.

  3. Jill Carter says:

    @Nancy – What kind of issues are you seeing? Please send me an email with the details Thanks.

  4. Mathieu says:

    Where can I find the compatibility chart ? MR vs AX products

  5. SheilaJR says:

    I'm so excited to see the export of formulas to Excel.  I just install CU10 on my test installation to give it a try.  

    Problem: I see the new checkbox to export formulas which I marked and then generated my report.  When I'm in the web viewer & export to Excel I do not see the formulas.  So then I tried exporting from the Report Library view but the Export Formulas checkbox is dim and after exporting to Excel there are no formulas.

    Bummer – I have a client that is anxious to have this feature.  Is there something that I am missing?

  6. SheilaJR says:

    OK – so I have something more to add.  I created a new report and I was able to export the formulas.  What do I need to do to make it work on my existing reports?  

    Existing Report: In the viewer if I export to Excel (the formula checkbox marked in the Report definition) under Excel Options the 'Export formulas' is dim and unmarked.

    New report: I created & generated with formulas checked, the 'Export formulas' checkbox is marked and available. Successful export to Excel with formulas.

    Hope this helps – Sheila

  7. Vickie says:

    Installed CU10 and we no longer have the attribute category for customer name or vendor name available in the column definitions.  Is this a known bug?

  8. @Vickie

    We made some changes on which attributes will integrate by default on new installations as some customers were experiencing longer integration times based on the number of customers and vendors defined in AX and did not have the need to report against these attributes.  You can modify this setting (AttributestoIgnore) in the configuration file (MRServiceHost.settings.config); the steps are documented within this guide:…/DynAXDataProvInstGuide.pdf

  9. Jill Carter says:

    @Mathieu – You can find version information in this blog post:…/management-reporter-feature-and-version-number-summary.aspx

    @SheilaJR – We've gotten feedback from other customers as well regarding the download to Excel. We are currently researching to see what the issue is.

  10. Chasity Thompson says:

    Exporting Row formulas to Excel is working, but not Column formulas.  This is still a huge limitation on modifying reports exported to Excel.  Am I missing something or did they not address this?

  11. Jill Carter says:

    @SheilaJR – We've released a hotfix that should address the issues you are seeing when downloading reports to Excel. You can download the hotfix here:…/MROverview

    @Chasity – Two additional suggestions have been entered for formulas, one for CAL rows and one for CALC columns. Please use the links below to vote.…/include-calc-column-formulas-when-downloading-reports-to-excel…/include-cal-row-formulas-when-downloading-reports-to-excel

  12. Tim says:

    There is a second CU10 Hotfix 2.1.10001.135 (Hotfix 3127823) dated 11/18/2014.

  13. Jake says:

    Watch out on the DB server – new new version just released runs some intensive queries every 5 minutes that will throw all kinds of SQL alerts – and people at MS do not seem to care since they did not write it

  14. Ryan says:

    Hi Jake,

    I wanted to follow-up with your comment about an intensive query every 5 minutes. I would be interested in getting more information from you on what that may be. Can you click Email Blog Author over to the right and I can have a quick email exchange or call with you?



  15. Bridget says:

    Just had the upgrade completed.  I don't have my vendor name available in my column attributes anymore.  What is the new attribute that is mapped to?

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