Linking to another Management Reporter report

We get asked quite a bit how to include information from one Management Reporter report on another Management Reporter report. This can be done in Management Reporter by using the link to Management Reporter worksheet option in the row definition. A few things to keep in mind when using this option:

  • The source report has to be generated and in the report library
  • The source report has to be exported in order to get the cell references
  • The information included in the destination report will be the information the last time the source report is generated

Check out the video below see how it works.

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  1. Arden Kuhn says:

    I have a question, please. In your Row Definition for Net Income (the row linked column J) in Modified Balance Sheet, you have used the Column Restriction code of B. Does 'B' refer to the column in your Column Definition in Modified Balance Sheet where you use Book Code of either FD or WKS?. As the report in rendering, you are telling column B in the Modified Balance Sheet<>column definition to use the value in the linked cell instead of using the Book Code? I tried your method but kept getting a zero in my calculation.

    In my own column definition, the Book Code is in Column C, so I used @WKS(c=d20) in my Row Definition.

    Hope my question make sense. Thanks.

  2. Arden Kuhn says:

    I think I fixed my own problem. In my report definition for my income statement, I had selected 'Financial, account, transaction' as my detail level. After the income statement was exported, I ended up with three worksheets. If I did not specify which one of three worksheet to use in my RowLink, MR picked a blank cell from one of the worksheets. I couldn't tell which worksheet MR ended up picking, but the cell it did choose was blank.

    Once I changed the detail level to use 'financial', my RowLink worked.

    I guess it was a good learning experience 🙂

  3. SheilaJR says:

    What if there are multiple worksheets in the workbook you are linked to? How does formula then get entered into the row? Are there any restrictions on the type of column that I am pulling? Does the source report & destination report need to be the same type of column such as YTD or Periodic?

  4. SheilaJR says:

    Sorry I forgot one more question. What if the source report is not printing zeros? I’m guessing that the cell reference could change based on what rows get printed. Does this mean I have to print all zero rows in able to get the same results each time?

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