Improvements made to User Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for deleted or removed users

We've been hearing feedback that the user integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 wasn't handling deleted or removed users as well as it could. With CU9 we've made a few improvements to make sure that a user within Dynamics AX who is deleted from your Active Directory will no longer have access to Management Reporter, and other users will continue working as-is. You can learn more about the user integration here. The following changes were made, and are available today with CU9.

  • Deleting a user from Active Directory will now just cause that user to be removed from Management Reporter.
  • The integration log now will provide a message providing the user or users that were removed because they do not exist in Active Directory.
  • Not entering the Management Reporter license into Report Designer will no longer cause the initial integration to remain in an incomplete status. Instead it will only integrate four users for the demo license. You will want to make sure that the license is entered in Report Designer under Tools | Registration for the rest of your users to integrate.


We would still recommend removing that user from within Dynamics AX, but not doing so immediately will not cause any negative side effects for Management Reporter. Thank you to all those who submitted feedback in this area.



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  1. Tommy Skaue says:

    Thanks for this, Ryan. Does this mean it will only harvest valid AD users from AX. What about AX users who are marked "deactivated" (or not Active)?  

  2. Tommy,

    Management Reporter will only add users that are valid AD users from AX. Users who are not active (uncheck Active option on the user form) may appear in the list of users under security for Management Reporter, but they won't be able to login to Management Reporter Report Designer or view any reports. They also shouldn't count towards your license count.

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