Rounding to thousands, millions and billions with format overrides

The Report Definition in Management Reporter has options that allow you to round the entire report to options such as whole dollars, thousands, millions and more. But sometimes you don't want an entire report rounded, you want a specific row or column rounded. You can accomplish this with Custom format overrides.

In the example, there are four rows, and each one has a different custom format override applied to it. The comma is used for scaling and allows the single row to round to that amount.

When you generate the report, the rows with the rounding applied using the custom format override will show appropriately.

For ideas and information on how you can create custom format overrides visit

Comments (4)

  1. Sebastian Podesta says:

    Hello, I attempted to do this but as soon as I enter the "@" sign, the custom option will not allow me to save.

    Any help?

  2. Jeff says:

    Thank you for this info. Question. what if I also have a format override in one  column definition and setting the column as % format override (I also have another column showing dollar amount only). It looks like if i have a format override in the column definition, the row still takes precedence. any ideas how to force everything in a column to be in %?

  3. April Olson says:


    Can you describe the report or send it to me? Some times depending on the override you can get it to work, and some times the combination won't. For example, rounding you can use some of the row and column and report settings to get around it. If you want to share it send to

  4. Lynda says:

    I have rounding set on my report definition to whole dollars.  I have a column format where I completed the format currency override to show to 7 decimals in 1 column, but since I have rounding on my report, it is showing as 0 (the result is less than 0).  If I take the report rounding option off, the result shows with 7 decimals as it should. How can I force the 1 column to show 7 decimals (ie. .0123456

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