Display currency symbol, currency code and currency description (CU9 Feature)

Users are able to select any reporting currency they wish to view data in from the Web Viewer application bar by clicking the Currency icon. With Management Reporter CU9, users can now dynamically see the currency symbol, code and description they have defined in the Dynamics ERP when the currency is changed. Three new auto text options have been added to Management Reporter Report Designer to enable this functionality:

  • Currency symbol (@CurrencySymbol)
  • Currency code (@CurrencyCode)
  • Currency description (@CurrencyDescription)

You can add the auto text both in the Column Definition and in the Report Definition headers. Additionally, anywhere in a report where a currency symbol is used will update with the appropriate symbol for the currency from the Dynamics ERP. The places where currency symbols are used are:

  • Display currency symbol on first row which is defined in the Report Definition
  • Use currency format in this row (CS), defined in the Row Definition
  • Format Overrides defined in the Row and Column Definition

View the video to see how the currency information dynamically updates in a report.

Currency symbol, code and description are defined in the following locations for Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics GP 2013 and SL 2011:

Dynamics AX 2012 - Currencies


Dynamics GP 2013 - Currency Setup


Dynamics SL 2011 - Currency Maintenance

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