Refresh a report in the Management Reporter web viewer (CU9 Feature)

There are times when you want to be able to get an updated view of the data in a report without having to go back in Report Designer to regenerate the report. One of the main times this is needed is when folks are making their month end adjustments.  With Management Reporter CU9, we've added the ability to refresh a report in the web viewer, without having to go back into Reporter Designer. Users that are in the Administrator, Designer or Generator roles will be able to use the refresh option to view an updated, private view of the report.

Check out the video below to see it in action.


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  1. Steven Braun says:

    Is the refreshed report saved in the library? If not, can it be saved from within the web viewer?

  2. Keith @ Tribridge says:

    I'm excited about this feature.

    For a report that uses a very large reporting tree, does the refresh button regenerate the entire report or just one or more reporting units? If it refreshes the entire report I'd really like to see an option for just one or more reporting units.  

    The scenario would be that a company publishes a budget to actual report for all of it's cost centers.  A budget manager has access to only a few reporting units on the tree but would like to refresh them to make sure that he/she is looking at the most recent amounts but doesn't need to refresh all of the reporting units that don' apply to her/him.

  3. John says:

    Does this refresh create another version of the report?

  4. Jill Carter says:

    Hi John,

    The refresh creates a private copy of the report, but not a new version. It's only available to the user who has refreshed. To create a public version of the report, users can use the publish button from the web viewer or generate it again from report designer.


  5. Mike Proulx says:

    Is there any plan to have this function available where it will keep the comments within the report?  Every time I hit refresh I lose the comments that were on the report as if a new version was created.

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