Management Reporter CU9 Released!

Management Reporter 2012 CU9 has been posted for download! This release contains enhancements to the Management Reporter Web Viewer around opening and refreshing reports along with additional troubleshooting information in the Configuration Console related to data issues in the ERP.

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU9 features:

  • View a list of previous month’s reports and open them in the web viewer
  • Refresh a report in the web viewer
  • Publish a report from the web viewer
  • Headers and footers are shown by default in the web viewer
  • Enhanced data detection in the Configuration Console
  • Support for dynamically displaying currency symbol, currency code and currency description
  • Support for SQL Server 2014
  • Additional fixes for product defects

We’ll posting about each of these features over the next week or so. You can find the download for Management Reporter CU9 here:

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  1. Beat BUCHER says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for the good news… but you should fix the references to the CU8 in the summary for the new features 🙂

    Have already downloaded it and going to test it ASAP.

    Keep going the good work and have a great day.


  2. Noah Moseley says:

    Awesome! Thanks Jill. Plenty of MR users will love these.

    Noah Moseley, MSX Group

  3. Tommy Skaue says:

    The installer updates .Net Framework. Plan for a server restart.

  4. Marc K says:

    The post should have noted that Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are not supported by CU9.  Now I understand dropping support for XP, but extended support for 2003 doesn't end until next summer.

    And please put the CU8 download back up for users that are still on 2003.

  5. Marc K says:

    Thankfully, I was able to find the old download. (…/ManagementReporter2012-CU8-en-us.exe)

    We had the original CU8 build of 2.1.8000.44, not the later, quietly released, undocumented build 2.1.8001.0.

  6. Jeff says:

    Are you now able to report on unposted Actual journal transactions in AX 2012 in this version? thanks!

  7. Louis Terblanche says:

    Hi Jill

    Does CU9 work with GP2010?


  8. Adam says:

    Hi Jill, I'm trying to upgrade to MR2012 CU9 for GP2010 but am having persistent issues w/ connecting to the data mart to import my companies. Any thought?

  9. Jeff,

    Unposted transactions with AX 2012 is still a product suggestion. If this is a feature you want, please up-vote it at the below-link and we will consider it for a future release.…/management-reporter-mr-add-suport-for-unposted-transactions-in-dynamics-ax


    GP2010 is fine. Any specific compatibility issues will be documented in the ERP Provider Guide on the Microsoft Download site.


    You should ask for help at and post more information there on what you are seeing.

  10. Adam says:

    FYI – After working with Greg of MS Support on upgrade to MR2012 CU9, we discovered the issues were rooted in SQL permissions on schemas. I love the new look & functionality, and it works well w/ GP2010 SP3, as well as in Citrix environment.

  11. Steve Nevelle says:

    Can you update from CU3 to CU9 directly?

  12. Steve,

    The updates are cumulative, so yes you can go from CU3 – > CU9.

    Make sure to check out the install guide, provider guides, and our blogs to catch up to see if there are any configuration changes needed to take advantage of the new features.

  13. Jeff says:

    Hi, After we updated to CU9, for some reason, when we are supposed to display the US Dollar symbol, it is not showing anymore and we are getting just the 'generic' currency symbol of (¤) on any report. before updating, we did not get this issue. All other currencies worked fine. Any ideas how this can be fixed and revert back to properly showing the US Dollar?.  We have reports using 'CS' on the row definitions and these are assigned to sub total lines. not sure if there is any correlation. appreciate any ideas how to fix.

  14. Jamie says:

    We had a very similar issue about this generic currency symbol (not sure what the symbol was initially :). In our case, we migrated from FRx to MR. All but one user MR install was showing the generic currency symbol instead of the US Dollar symbol. it looks like this issue only happens on using the usd currency. Anyone from Microsoft have any idea about the generic currency symbol showing?

  15. April Olson says:

    The currency symbol pulls from the ERP. Here is a blog that explains it a bit more. If this is all set up and you are still having an issue it may be a good idea to chat with support.…/display-currency-symbol-currency-code-and-currency-description-cu9-feature.aspx

  16. Jamie says:

    seen that video. thanks very much it was helpful. MR is locally installed for users. The weird thing is that the issue is only happening for one user. All other users and server install prints the dollar symbol fine. does it have anything to do with regional settings? also the report is using the 'CS – show currency symbol' on some rows that are to show calculations, and this is where the issue occurs, even tried to use format override and we see the same thing. just thinking if this might be a quick fix before our company logs a support ticket..

  17. Devesh says:

    i seen the link provided by the other poster and we setup MR properly. but we have one user that everytime he generates reports and use 'CS' on row definitions, it only shows this generic currency symbol that others talk about. we have CU9. I thought the currency symbols pulls from AX? Other users and a report generated from server do not have issue. Only one user. please help me. anyone. thank you

  18. April Olson says:

    Devesh and Jamie,

    I am checking to see if support has seen this issue, but it would be best to work with them directly to help troubleshoot the issue.

  19. Devesh says:

    ok. my company dont have tickets anymore and hope i can find help here if it is simple fix?

  20. Fahey9 says:

    For those who helped me with the MR CU9 comment/question that I had, I greatly appreciate your posts! It did end up being the owners on the schemas causing the issue. Now it works beautifully!

    Currently, I am trying to deal with an issue in my test environment, where I am receiving errors due to inconsistencies between GL & AA tables in my company database. All I need to make this work is the following SQL script: AA_DistCorrect_2010.sql, yet I cannot find it anywhere. The article includes the select script but not the update script for some reason…Any help would be much obliged!

    Thanks! – Adam

  21. Mark Williams says:

    I am trying to link and excel file to a report and am getting this message –

    The report definition you have selected is linked to an Excel file C:MR_Worksheetsbudget.xlsx that could not be found. The folder does not exist.

    I built the report in the following order: row, tree, then column. In the tree I located the excel file and in the row dimension I entered the cell on the excel worksheet. (A3/CPO)

    I can't figure out why MR can't find the folder the excel file is in.

    Can anyone offer me a tip that might work?



  22. David Hessevick says:

    Is there anyway to automate the deletion of report versions?  This is a cumbersome task to do it manually.  Thank you

  23. Jill Carter says:

    Automatically removing reports is a feature that is currently be tracked as the following suggestion:…/maintence-tool-to-remove-generated-reports


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