Using keyboard shortcut F3 to save steps

As we were training new individuals on Management Reporter a few weeks ago, we were stepping through creating a total row for total sales.  We were asked how we got the format code TOT to show in column C, Format code. It's a common question and one we have to explain quite often. To get to the many fields and drop downs in Management Reporter, you have to double click.

So, this blog is all about giving you the one keyboard shortcut that Jill, one of our program managers, shared with the group. (I didn't even know about the shortcut which is embarrassing to share, but since then I constantly use it everywhere in the product.) If you are ever on a field and want to see the options, you can simply hit F3 instead of double-clicking and the options are presented to you.

Hopefully you can start using this to help discover the many options Management Reporter has for creating innovative reports as well as you save some time.


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