Excel enhancements in Management Reporter CU8

While the web viewer for Management Reporter reports offers a number of interactive and collaborative features, sometimes you just want to view a report in Excel. There were a number of enhancements made in how reports are exported to Excel in CU8. These enhancements were targeted to help provide a consistent experience between the viewer and Excel.

  • Exporting a reporting unit without data will no longer create a blank tab in Excel when the option to display reports with no active rows is deselected (21 votes)
  • Added a summary account detail tab when exporting to Excel from a consolidated report (18 votes)
  • Autofit formatted columns will now properly determine the correct width in Excel (12 votes)
  • Shading in @Blank column headers is now supported when exporting to Excel
  • Space formatting in a Row Definition is now properly exported to Excel
  • Resolved an error with exporting to a single worksheet with four or more rows in the footer

What other enhancements would you like to see added regarding Excel to make you more productive? If you are interested in seeing something specific, please post a link to the Connect suggestion for the feature or functionality you're looking for. You can see the post here on how to register or search for suggestions on Connect. Any additional details around the scenario you can add are always appreciated as well.  

To get the discussion started, below is an example suggestion that we heard several times at Convergence this year.


Add the ability to export formulas to Excel. This is very helpful to my business to perform what-if analysis and streamline our month-end close.







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  1. monkey8861 says:

    hi expert,please tell me why this error accured? Thank you in advance!!

    Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Reporting.Common.ReportingObjectNoLongerExistsException: The operation could not be completed because the item no longer exists.


      Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Reporting.Repository.Service.RepositoryService.HandleRepositoryFailures[T](Func`1 func)

       Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Reporting.Security.Service.SecureServiceBase.SecureExecuteInternal[TResult](Func`1 hasPermission, Func`1 executor)

      Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Reporting.Common.Service.ServiceBase.BaseExecute[TResult](Func`1 executor)

    Component: Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Reporting.Repository.Service.RepositoryService

  2. Marshall says:

    These are great. I have a suggestion. Export only the top level financial level detail in a report group to excel while the individual reports have reporting unit, account or transaction detail. I have external users that don't need legal entity nor account level detail and I need to send the monthly board book to them. I have to either create new reports for their group just to export or export every file individually in report viewer, where that option exists at the individual report only.

  3. Gary says:


    We just learned that Management Report has taken away the capability to publish MR reports in Excel format in report groups. This feature was available in FRX and earlier version of MR. Now you can only export to Excel after you open a MR report. Can we bring this feature back

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