Company Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 (CU 11 Feature)

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and Management Reporter CU11, you now have the ability to add new companies without ever opening the Configuration Console. With the help of the Dynamics GP Team, the following features have been added: A new option has been added to enable this company for General Ledger reporting A new option…


Updates for Dynamics GP Currency Translation

Management Reporter CU11 contains updates for GP Currency Translation. Changes to how currency translation works for GP are: The account category is no longer required for Retained Earnings. The translation now uses the original document information to properly calculate the translated values. Posting to Retained Earnings is also now supported. The ability to isolate posting…


Management Reporter 2012 CU 11 Now Available!

Management Reporter 2012 CU11 has been posted for download. This release contains enhancements around reporting on multiple closing periods, currency translation fixes for Microsoft Dynamics GP, performance improvements, and additional flexibility around company configuration for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL.  Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU11 features: Ability to select…


Now Available! Lifecycle Services Diagnostics for Management Reporter and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

I’m happy to announce that eight new diagnostics scripts are now included for AX2012 specific to GL and Budgeting that help identify data inconsistencies that cause issues for Management Reporter integrations. These scripts check for invalid data within General Ledger and Budgeting that can cause reports to be incorrect. Most of the invalid data in these…


Downloading formulas to Excel – Feedback and Hotfix

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about the new feature added in CU10 to include TOT row formulas when downloading reports to Microsoft Excel. Along with that feedback, a couple of issues were also found. We’ve released a hotfix that addresses the problems people were seeing when downloading reports with formulas. You can download the…


Account category display in Management Reporter reports (CU10 Feature)

Having clean and easy to read reports is important. It let’s users focus on the report data quickly. With Management Reporter 2012 CU10, the account category description and dimension are no longer displayed when users drill down to the account and transaction detail levels in a Management Reporter report. This is what the drill down…


Choose to report on GL or AA data with Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart (CU10 Feature)

With Management Reporter CU10, we’ve introduced the ability to opt-out of reporting on Analytical Accounting (AA) data for those using the data mart. In speaking with customers, we’ve found that many people may use Analytical Accounting for specific processes, but may not need to include AA detail on their financial statements. When adding a company…


Company Selection for Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart (CU10 Feature)

With Management Reporter CU10, we’ve introduced the ability to have much more control over which companies are available for reporting. The first feature to support this flexibility is the ability to exclude or include specific companies for reporting. In speaking with customers, we’ve heard three main reasons on why a company would be excluded from…


Download TOT formulas to Microsoft Excel from a Management Reporter report (CU10 Feature)

One of the most voted for features for Management Reporter in Microsoft Connect is the ability to include formulas when downloading reports to Microsoft Excel. In Management Reporter 2012 CU10, users will be able to include TOT row formulas in downloaded Excel files. Check out the video below to see this feature action: