XBRL for Germany – Part 4: Filing the XBRL instance document

The final step for fulfilling the XBRL requirement for Germany is to validate and file your instance document. This video steps through the process:

This blog is the last in a series of 4 blogs that step through the setup required for filing reports in XBRL for Germany.

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  1. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the good instructions. What I was missing in the documentations for the German XBRL is a description how to install /connect to the ERIC-Client.

    In our test-environment, we prepared the reports, linked the taxonomy, ran the reports -so far, so good, but when validating the reports, we get a message that the latest Version of the ERIC Client has to be installed (Adapter Version: Thanks for a short hint..

  2. DouglasNoel says:

    Hey Stefan.

    Some information which maybe helps you:

    MgmRep (or one of the german XBRL dlls) is looking for the 32 bit version of the ERIC API (EricAPI.DLL)

    using a registry lookup in the 32bit hive HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeLandesamt fuer SteuernElsterEric-xx.x.xx.x

    But Attention: You must have installed the VCRuntime12 (2013) too

    Then you'll get rid of this message.

    But we have another problem at the moment.

    regards Douglas

    1. amo says:

      Did you solve the problem with MR and Eric component? I have stuck with error “Unable to create a transfer header. Verify the installed version of ERiC components is supported”.
      Other displayed messages:
      – Filing will be performed with ERiC version (C:\Program Files (x86)\Elster\ERiC-
      – Adapter version: 2.12.13002.1

      The ERiC is installed correctly. Any advice will be appreciated.

  3. DouglasNoel says:

    Hey all,

    I've got some more information which I'm going to share now.

    1st) The ERiC client (the required dll's) isn't part of the ManagementReporter Installation, so you have to register as developer on the ELSTER site 🙁

    2nd) Moreover, ErIC seems to be the latast supported version by MS. This version is not available any longer on the ELSTER site. So you can try the 19.6.6 version.

    regards and good luck


  4. DouglasNoel says:

    Hi all,

    some more information.

    Meanwhile I've started waving the white flag. This setup seems so complicated for me. I think this is beyond my sphere of influence.

    Maybe someone else can share some info.

    What I'm really missing in this Part 4 video are the last "30 seconds to bliss"

    sorry and regards


  5. DouglasNoel,

    Can you click email blog author and provide your email address? Let us know what you're struggling with.



  6. DouglasNoel says:

    Hey Ryan,

    thank you for your offer.

    But, sorry, in the meanwhile I have changed the white flag to a red banner.

    I think it is better not to use this german specific part for validation/submitting.

    We're going to use some other program for that.

    Does this part REALLY works? Any Testruns? Any successful customer?

    Where is the missing video part?

    regards and sorry


  7. DouglasNoel says:

    I was told rumors, that XBRL for Germany is deprecated starting with Ax7 within the ManagemetReporter 'module'.

    Hope this will only affect the Ax7 Integration of Management Reporter. Otherwise this should be stated within ManagementReporter area, not the Ax7 area.

    I hope and assume the Ax2009 and Ax2012 support is still given.

    Or will the deprecation apply to all integrations? According to our knowledge, further development for the integration of Ax2009/Ax2012 is still in progress.

    Can someone clarify this? Further clients are asking us about this integration.

    Where can we get an 'official' answer about that?


  8. Douglas, Can you email blog author from the link on the page, and share your email address? I'd be happy to setup a call and hear what you've heard, and hear more about your concerns.

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