Build detail reports quickly using Insert Rows from Dimensions

Reports that break out your financial details into logical groupings like accounts or dimensions are very powerful. This type of report can let you see the detail for your entire organization by browsing through a list of values. This type of detail can be viewed through either drilling into a summary report, or by building…


Management Reporter documentation is now available on TechNet

Management Reporter documentation is now available online for easy accessibility. You can get access to the contents of the product help file from the link below.  Moving the documentation to TechNet provides several benefits including: All help content is now searchable and will show up in your favorite search engine results Enhanced feedback capabilities….


XBRL for Germany – Part 4: Filing the XBRL instance document

The final step for fulfilling the XBRL requirement for Germany is to validate and file your instance document. This video steps through the process: This blog is the last in a series of 4 blogs that step through the setup required for filing reports in XBRL for Germany. Part 1 discusses the setup of an XBRL…