Accounts and dimensions displayed in order defined in Dynamics AX 2012 (CU7 feature)

Management Reporter CU7 and Dynamics AX 2012 CU7 provides customers the ability to set an overall account and dimension order for creating and viewing reports. Here are the steps to set the order in Dynamics AX 2012 for Management Reporter:

1. Navigate to General Ledger > Setup > Financial dimensions > Financial dimension configuration for integrating applications.

2. Change the order to the one you prefer for creating and viewing reports.

What are the steps in Management Reporter? Nothing, next time the dimensions are updated in Management Reporter and open Report Designer or generate a new report, the account and dimensions will appear in the order you defined. See the video for more details and to see it in action.


Comments (3)

  1. ChrisHaley83 says:

    Thanks for posting this demo

    Any idea if we can cherry pick a specific KB to install from the AX 2012 CU7 installer to get this working (assuming we also have MR CU7 installed?) We are still on (R2 with no CUs!) and want this feature without doing the full upgrade of AX.

  2. Shirley says:

    If we are upgrading to CU7 and change these now that we have the option, what will happen to existing reports?  Anything?  Do we need to rebuild DDM, recreate reports, etc?  Thanks!

  3. April Olson says:


    You do not have to recreate any reports. Existing reports in Report Designer will still show in the old order. New ones will show in new order.

    As far as generated reports, any newly generated reports will reflect the correct order, regardless of what is in Report Designer. Hope that helps clarify everything!

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