Currency translation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Part 3: Report Designer options for currency translation (CU7 feature)

The third and final blog entry in the series on currency translation in Management Reporter for Dynamics AX 2012 discusses the options in Report Designer for currency translation.

While in the Management Reporter web viewer, any report can be displayed in any number of reporting currencies, you may want to pregenerate the reports in your reporting currencies for the fastest response time. The changes you'll see in Report Definition to facilitate this are:

  • Currency information section added to the Report Definition form that displays the currency the values are displayed in upon report generation.
  • A new "Include all reporting currencies" checkbox was also added.When this option is selected the reporting currencies will queue up once the company's functional currency finishes. If the checkbox is not marked, then you can still choose a reporting currency in the web viewer, it will just take longer to process.

The new options in Report Definition allow you to easily translate a report into all your reporting currencies. this means you can potentially eliminate duplicate report definitions that only differ by the currencies used. If you need a report that shows more than one currency side by side, you can continue to use the Currency display field in the Column Definition form to translate just that column in the report into an alternate reporting currency.

Watch the following video to see how the Report Designer changes provide you alternative options for reporting.


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