Drilling back to Microsoft Dynamics with Management Reporter web viewer (CU7 feature)

Getting to information quickly is necessary when making business decisions.  With the Management Reporter web viewer, not only can you drill down to the individual transactions, you can also drill back in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  Once in Microsoft Dynamics, you are then able to view invoices and source document information to help provide additional context to transactions.

You can drill back with the web viewer for the following Microsoft Dynamics ERP versions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (CU7)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011


Check out the video below to see it in action.


Comments (11)

  1. Dana Haessig says:

    Does this work with MR2012 CU7 and GP2010 (11.00.1914)?  I am receiving the error, "The URL was missing required Dynamics GP Drill Back parameters."

  2. KarenK says:

    I've installed CU7 and am using GP2013 SP2; but I don't see or get the ear mark to be able to drill back at the account level. I've tried IE9, IE10, and Google Chrome. Are there any other settings / config / requirements to enable this feature that we should be aware of?

  3. Chris Ahlers says:

    @Dana Haessig, you must have GP 2013 in order for this functionality to work.

  4. Chris Ahlers says:

    @KarenK, you must have Management Reporter configured (via the Configuration Console) to connect to GP 2013 and integrate with the Data Mart. This drill functionality will not work with the Legacy configuration.

  5. KarenK says:

    @Chris Ahlers  Thank you, that was it exactly.  

  6. Jon K says:

    I assume that a license and GP login are required for the user use this drill back feature.  Is that the case?

  7. Theresa G. says:

    Can reports be printed from the web viewer and still look like they were printed from Management Reporter Report Viewer?

  8. April Olson says:

    Theresa G.,

    Printing from the web viewer will be the browser printing. If you want the print friendly option its best to open in the desktop viewer or go to excel.

  9. Felipe Munizaga says:

    I have Dynamics SL 2011 but the functionality isn't working, when i click in Open in Dynamics a "Page not Found" message appears in my browser.  

  10. Gewen P Arneaud says:

    Does this functionality work with GP 2015 and SL 2015?

    1. Yes, newer versions work. The blog posts list the current versions supported as of the time of writing.

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