Management Reporter CU7 released for download

Another quarter has passed (goes fasts, doesn’t it) and we have a new update ready for Management Reporter – called Management Reporter 2012 CU7. This release, which has been posted for download, includes the ability to drill back to Dynamics from the Management Reporter Web Viewer, currency translation for Dynamics AX 2012 customers, plus a few more enhancements.

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU7 features:

  • Ability to drill back to your Dynamics ERP from Management Reporter Web Viewer, allowing you to see detailed transactional information on any account
  • Included Management Reporter into the Dynamics AX install for new customers, making it more straightforward to get the entire solution up and running
  • Ability for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers to view any Management Reporter report in both functional and reporting currencies using the Management Reporter Web Viewer
  • Support for currency translation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 customers
  • Accounts and dimensions on reports will now be displayed in the order you’ve identified in Dynamics AX
  • Ability to include Fixed Asset Acquisition Date as an attribute on a report (Dynamics AX only)
  • Performance enhancements using Management Reporter Web Viewer to view reports
  • More than 90 bug fixes across Management Reporter and all Dynamics ERP integrations

We’re working on videos of each of the new Management Reporter CU7 features. We’ll start with the first one tomorrow and post them every day or so. Here is a link to the Management Reporter CU7 download.

Comments (16)

  1. Doug says:

    I notice that additional currency functionality has been added for AX. I look forward to the details.

    As a GP user I still cannot find a way to directly calculate P&L and balance Sheet Currency Translation Adjustment. Using rounding is not an acceptable solution.

    For example, I would like to calculate and compare both Spot and Average rate on all of the P&L accounts. This will give me the P&L CTA for FASB 52.

    Does MS have any plans to address this feature which was available in FRx?



  2. Marc K says:

    Each time I install a new CU (or, previously, RU), the installation of the server components sits forever at "starting services".  Well, the installer is trying to start the process service and the process service refuses to start because the database hasn't been upgraded.  So, we have a nice little deadlock going on there.  Please fix the installer.

  3. Matt says:

    Could the detailed change list be made available?

    I didn't have any luck finding such a list for CU6 and the same holds for CU7. Bits and pieces are available, like the summary above and four items in the readme, but I haven't found anything comprehensive.  Including the affected ERP would be helpful in that list.

  4. CharG says:

    The bug lists are posted in KBs, like this one for CU6:…/KBDisplay.aspx

    The one for CU7 is planned for early next week.

  5. Matt says:

    It appears the KB's are partner only!

  6. Ryan McBee says:

    Does it have the ability to print multiple reports off at once without opening them individually??

  7. Doug says:

    As a GP user I cannot find a way to directly calculate P&L and Balance Sheet Currency Translation Adjustment with MR. Using rounding is not an acceptable solution.

    For example, I would like to calculate and compare both Spot and Average rate on all of the P&L accounts. This will give me the P&L CTA for FASB 52.

    Does MS have any plans to address this feature by allowing more than one rate type per account or by an alternate approach?



  8. RichardM says:

    I have installed CU7 against my GP2013 SP2 install, but can not see or do the drill back from the web viewer.  What possible causes are there for this

  9. Mike says:

    We have installed CU7 in our test environment and the drill back to Dynamics and the Currency translation are not working.  Do we need to be on a particular version of AX for these to work (CU6?)?

  10. Jill Carter says:

    Doug – Thanks for the feedback. If this is something you'd like to see in a future release, please enter a suggestion at the Microsoft Connect site for us to track it. (

    Marc – Thanks for the feedback. We are currently tracking this as an issue.

    Matt – I'll check with our support team about access to KBs.

    Ryan – With report groups in the web viewer, you can download multiple reports at one time which can then be printed.

    RichardM –  Please make sure you have a supported web browser:…/management-reporter-web-viewer-q-amp-a-management-reporter-ru3-release-preview.aspx

    •         The Drill To ERP functionality is only available at the Account level of the report.

    •         The Drill To ERP functionality is only available for GP 2013 when integrated with the data mart.

    •         You need to make sure that you hover your mouse long enough over the amount, on the Account level of the report, that you then see the earmark in the upper right-hand corner. Once you do, hover your mouse over the earmark and then click the “Open in Microsoft Dynamics” button.

    If none of this helps, then please contact Customer Support as they will be able to help you troubleshoot this further.

    Mike – Drill back to Dynamics AX requires both Management Reporter CU7 and AX CU7 (which hasn't been released yet). Once you have AX CU7 installed, the drill back functionality will be available.

    Regarding currency translation, do you have all of the rate information setup in AX?…/currency-translation-for-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012-cu7-feature.aspx

    Without digging into it more, it's hard to offer a suggestion. You may want to contact Customer Support to help troubleshoot the issue further.

  11. Mike says:

    Thank you Jill.  I was able to get the currency to work after using the info on your link.  We will look forward to CU7's release.

  12. MartinJahn says:

    Is there a list of bug fixes for CU7 available?  I could not find it searching on Partner Source.

    We have an issue with a column definition that has values that relate to two different Links to External Worksheets in the row definition, which is linked back to the Tree.  The trouble is that only the first external linked column pulls in data from the external Excel spreadsheet.  The second linked column shows 0 for all rows.  

    We are using CU6 so before we do an update to CU7, I wanted to get an idea of the bugs fixed.

  13. MartinJahn says:

    Found the KB article on CU7 bug fixes (partial list):…/2902728

  14. Kathy Johnson says:

    Any idea of when currency translation will be addressed for GP?

  15. Becky says:


    Hoping you might be able to help me. We're in the process of creating our management reporter reports but I'm experiencing two problems.

    1) financial year runs from 1/1/13 – 31/12/13 when trying to run for December period it excludes anything posted on the 31st December. Any idea why or how I make it include it? It runs fine for November.

    2)I have several GL accounts set in AX as Account Type 'Total' however they don't all display in management reporter within the Totalling section so I am unable to select them. Any idea why or how I get management reporter to see them so I can select as totalling account?

    I am on AX2012 R2 CU7 and would appreciate any help.

    Many thanks

  16. Amanda says:

    Are you now able to generate reports with the Provisional set to "posted & unposted activity" with CU7 for AX2012 R2 CU6?

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