Using default row definitions — Management Reporter CU6

Row definitions in Management Reporter allow you to specify what rows you'd like to see on your report.  Typically rows in the row definition are created using account, but any dimension in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be used when setting up a row definition.

With the default reports included in Management Reporter 2012 CU6, seven row definitions were included. Most of them were designed using Main Account Category, which lets them be generic enough for any customer to take and use without modification.   Let's take a look at how they are used.

Row Definition

How to use it

Balance Sheet

Show rows containing detail and totals for assets and liabilities by main account category

Cash Flow

Show rows containing detail for how cash is being used by main account category


Show rows containing the different categories of expenses along with a total of all expenses


Shows rows grouped by solvency, profitability and efficiency ratios


Show rows for sales, sales returns and discounts and net sale along with a percent of sales

Summary Income Statement

Show rows summarizing revenues, gross profit, operating expenses, net operating income and net income

Trial Balance

Show a single row containing the total balance for all accounts

As with the default column definitions, these row definitions were designed be with just about any column and report definition.


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