Using default column definitions — Management Reporter CU6

Column definitions in Management Reporter allow you to specify what type of period and year information you want to include on your report.  These periods can days, months or even years. The period information is automatically pulled into Management Reporter from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. 

With the default reports included in Management Reporter 2012 CU6, 15 column definitions were included. They were all designed to key off of report date, so they will always contain date used in the report definition. This flexibility makes it easy to generate reports spanning different periods and years without redesigning the entire report.

Let's take a look at how you can use these columns definitions.

Column Definition

How to use it

12 Month Periodic Trend

Show columns for each of the last 12 months, crossing more than one fiscal year, as necessary

3 Year Quarterly Trend

Show 12 quarterly columns over the prior three years

Periodic and YTD

Show two columns, one for current period balances and one for YTD balances

Quarterly Columns

Shows all four quarters along with a yearly total

Rolling 12 Months

Show 12 columns with the month updated based upon report date, crossing more than one fiscal year, as necessary

Single Rolling 12 month

Show a single column containing balances through the past 12 months

Rolling Quarter

Show quarterly columns along with a year-to-date column updated

Year to date

Show a single column with year-to-date balances


Show four columns, each with a single week’s balances along with a column containing the four week total

Balance List

Show columns for opening and closing balances, debit and credit balances for the current period and for year-to-date, along with columns containing additional transaction information like voucher

Ledger Transaction List

Show debit and credit balances, as well as additional transaction information like transaction date, journal number, voucher, posting type, and trace number

Detailed Trial Balance

Show debit and credit balances and the net of these balances,  along with  transaction date, voucher and journal description

Summary Trial Balance

Show opening and closing balance, debit and credit balances with their net difference

Cash Flow

Show a current period column and a year-to-date column without the year-to-date beginning balance

YTD and Variance

Show two year-to-date columns and column containing the variance between them


These column definitions can be mixed and matched with any row definition or report definition. Explore them to see what types of reports you can create.






Comments (1)

  1. Dmitriy says:

    Jill, you say that the 12 Month Periodic Trend spans across several years, if necessary, however, the definition is clearly for the 12 months of the current year. Fiscal year is BASE across all columns, and Periods span from 1 to 12.

    I am interested in a true 12 month rolling report spanning dynamically over two years as necessary. Am I not seeing something, or did you make a typo in your post?

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