14 default report definitions available for Microsoft Dynamics AX — Management Reporter CU6

With Management Reporter 2012 CU6, 14 default reports are included for new Management Reporter customers to get up and running faster. You can use these reports as is or modify them to fit your specific business needs.


The video below shows you the different reports and what you can expect to see in Management Reporter.



The 14 reports included are:

  • 12 Month Rolling Single Column Income Statement - Default
  • 12 Month Trend Income Statement - Default
  • Balance List - Default
  • Balance Sheet - Default
  • Cash Flow - Default
  • Detailed Trial Balance - Default
  • Expense Three Year Quarterly Trend - Default
  • Income Statement - Default
  • Ledger Transaction List - Default
  • Ratios - Default
  • Rolling 12 Month Expense - Default
  • Rolling Quarter Income Statement - Default
  • Summary Trial Balance - Default
  • Weekly Sales and Discounts - Default



Comments (9)

  1. Patrick Colgan says:

    Thanks for the video on default reports are those AX specific or are they available in GP?

  2. CharG says:

    The default reports should work for anyone. For Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP customers, the account categories are already on the Row Definitions, so they can be used out of the box.

    If you are using Dynamics SL, you can easily modify the default Row Definitions to put the appropriate range of accounts.

    Keep in mind that these row and column definitions also can be used in other combinations to create even more reports very quickly.

  3. Jill Carter says:

    If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will need to update the row definitions to remove the Link to Financial Dimensions column for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  4. Luanne Scudder says:

    Is there a way to actually delete the AX dimension column in the rows (column J) reports wont run with both fields populated.

  5. CharG says:

    If you are using Dynamics GP, you should be able to just delete the column in the Row Definition for the Dynamics AX categories.

  6. Luanne Scudder says:

    How do you delete Column J (link to financial dimensions for AX) in  a row format in MR, I can clear the cells but not delete the column. I do not see delete column as an option in the MR toolbar.

    Clearing the cells still results in an error message

  7. Jill Carter says:

    To delete the column, double-click in the header for column J, select FD1 (this should be the Dynamics AX column), and press the Delete button.

  8. LuanneS says:

    Thanks Jill, that did the trick, it was eluding me!

  9. Erika says:

    Hi, How do I access the Ratios default reports?

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