Using audit attributes on Dynamics AX reports — Management Reporter CU6

Audit time is stressful enough with reaching deadlines and gathering all the right information and documents required. Let Management Reporter make it easier for you, whether you are the auditor or the one being audited.

Using the same flexible design you use for all your reports, you can now add all the required fields an auditor may require.



Comments (2)

  1. Patrick Colgan says:

    Hi April, This is a great report feature, but when I look at our MR Reports I only have GL attributes.  What controls the list of attributes and how can I add Vendor or Customer name dimensions?

  2. April Olson says:


    The list of attributes is dynamically created. If you are on Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and you are not summarizing the data that comes from the subledgers back to the general ledger, then we will automatically bring across vendor and customer. Once they are in the data mart, they will show in the attribute list.

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