Enhanced report groups one of several changes in Management Reporter CU6

The ability to easily view all reports in a report group is just one of the many new features included in the latest Management Reporter release, called CU6, which has been posted for download. The new features span report design, report distribution and report viewing and demonstrate the Management Reporter team’s commitment to ongoing value with your financial reporting solution.

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU6 features:

  • Ability to generate a single report link for a report group created in Management Reporter Report Designer and open all reports from a single page in the web viewer
  • Option to define the company, report date and report output locations for all reports assigned to a report group
  • 14 new default reports that will be loaded for new Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics GP customers using Management Reporter
    • Existing customer also can easily import these default reports
  • New vendor, customer and audit attributes added for Dynamics AX
  • Support for transaction descriptions that are longer than 100 characters
  • Support for bi-directional text in Management Reporter Report Designer and Web Viewer
  • Translation for 12 additional languages, including Swedish,  Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Finnish, Thai, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Icelandic and Arabic

Please also note that this is the final release for the Microsoft Dynamics SL INTFx (legacy) data providers. Microsoft Dynamics SL customers should make plans to transition to the Data Mart provider; you will see improved performance and stability with this option.

Watch for blog posts and videos with more information on each of the Management Reporter CU6 features over the next few weeks. To download Management Reporter CU6, click here.

Comments (8)

  1. ian richardson says:

    Hi Jill

    Our VAR put us on the legacy provider stating that data mart could not do multicurrency conversions.  I had read / heard that this latest release was going to fix / allow for data mart to do multi currency.  That is not noted in your summary of features.  Has this been included?  Without it we cannot switch off the legacy provider.

  2. Are there any changes with regards to printing more than one document?  A company with external users who have no ability to view reports needs to be able to print the reports.  Printing one at a time is tedious.

  3. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for this update news… to second the question of Ian, we're using multi-currency as well for our various GP companies, but the question remains, can the MR2012 be updated to CU6 without using the Data Mart ? If not, we'll have to stick with our current release (2.1.1033) until this is fixed…

  4. CharG says:

    Currency translation is not yet supported with the data mart provider for Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP. There is work in progress on this feature.

    Keep in mind that Dynamics GP customers can use both the legacy provider and the data mart provider simultaneously. We recommend that you use the data mart provider for most reports, in order to have the efficiency, and then use the legacy provider only for the reports that require currency translation.

  5. ian richardson says:


    Avatar of CharG

    3 Aug 2013 11:03 AM

    Currency translation is not yet supported with the data mart provider for Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP. There is work in progress on this feature.

    thanks for the update Char.  I am concerned that CU6 is the last legacy release when datamart cannot do translations.

    are you able to give us a timeline for when datamart will be able to do translations?

  6. CharG says:

    Ian, the announcement on legacy provider is only for Dynamics SL. We won't stop releases of the Dynamics GP legacy provider until currency translation is supported.

  7. HS says:

    Hi Jill

    Is there a list on CustomerSource/PartnerSource of all the bugs and improvements made in each UR/CR release please?



  8. Daily1024 says:

    We lost the ability to assign groups to security assignments in the report library in CU6.  More here…


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