Tips on moving Management Reporter to a new server

If you’ve looked for information on how to move Management Reporter from one server to another -- maybe when you’re upgrading hardware or consolidating applications -- we’ve got some documented help.

The steps for doing this are fairly straightforward.  You’ll basically need to back up the database and restore it on your new server.  Once that is done, there is a script that needs to be run. 

The complete steps can be found in this CustomerSource article.


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  1. geoff a says:

    how can i move a single report from my DEV instance to the PROD instance?

  2. Jill Carter says:

    For report designs, you can export the report definition from one instance and import to another instance by using Company | Building Block Groups | Export/Import. Generated reports can't be move from one to the other within the report library. The report will have to be either exported or regenerated on the new instance.

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