Transitioning your Analytical Accounting reports to Management Reporter with Dynamics GP data mart

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’re still hearing a few of you are having challenges with account dimensions when you move to the latest version of Management Reporter with Dynamics GP using a data mart.

The main challenge is that when you open an existing Management Reporter report that contains information from Analytical Accounting, the report no longer seems to work. This is due to changes in how Analytical Accounting dimensions are named.

In the legacy data provider for Dynamics GP, Analytical Accounting dimensions were named using the Description. In the data provider for the Dynamics GP data mart, Analytical Accounting dimensions are named using the Transaction Dimension ID. So, reports with Analytical Accounting data that were created with the legacy provider no longer work until you’ve updated the dimensions used on the reports.

Here is a screenshot from Dynamics GP showing the two fields.

With this change, when you open the Dimensions window in Management Reporter, you’ll get different dimension options in the data mart provider, than you did in the legacy provider. Here is how it looked using the legacy Dynamics GP provider.

And here is how the dimensions are displayed using the Dynamics GP data mart provider.

Customer Support has a diagnostic tool that will assist in making this change. Please contact them for further details.

After you’ve updated dimension names in your report, if you still have issues with Analytical Accounting reports not having data, you also may want to contact Customer Support to ensure your Analytical Accounting data is accurate.




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