Use daily report schedules to keep tabs on your company

At Convergence earlier this year, we learned that many customers aren’t using the report scheduling feature in Management Report to run daily or weekly reports.  After talking with these customers, two themes came up:

  1. Customers didn’t know Management Reporter had Report Scheduling
  2. Customers were using Management Reporter only for traditional financial statements and not for other day to day financial reporting

This blog will address both of these themes.

Report Scheduling eliminates repetitive tasks of generating reports

Let’s address the easier one first. Report scheduling offers a flexible and secure mechanism for automating the publishing of your financial reports from within Management Reporter.  Report schedules are simple to setup and require little maintenance.  In your business, report scheduling can be used to eliminate the repetitive task of generating the same reports every day or during your month end process. To learn more, check out this video.

Management Reporter helps you create reports to manage the day to day operations of your business

Management Reporter is the best tool offered to help you create your financial statements, but it’s also a great solution for creating a variety of other reports based upon data in your General Ledger. With the flexibility of the dimensional capabilities in Management Reporter, many reports are possible that will help you and others in your company to better manage your business.

Here are links to just some of the many report examples we’ve covered in this blog over the last few years:

  • “Flipped” income statement that can help you easily compare revenue and expenses by department (or another dimension you track.
  • Expense snapshot where expense accounts are set up in the reporting tree and two other dimensions are used in the rows and columns
  • Financial matrix showing one GL dimension on the X axis and another financial dimension on the Y axis, such as geography in the report rows and departments in the report columns
  • Snapshot reports that shows accounts in the reporting tree and departments in the row definition
  • Weekly revenue analysis showing columns of weekly data with revenue in the report rows
Comments (2)

  1. ian richardson says:

    I think most are not using report scheduling as Management Reporter does not have the automatic emailing capabilities of its predecessor FrX.

    Great we can schedule the reports.  We cannot get them automatically into the mail box of the users.  How slick it would be if my VP had these reports in their in box as they arrive instead of relying on IT or Accounting to mail it to them!

  2. CharG says:

    Many customers are using SharePoint alerts to automatically get the reports into the user email boxes and are very happy with this option. No need to mail them manually.

    This post gives more info if you are willing to give it a try:…/e-mail-reports-using-sharepoint-alerts-management-reporter-2012-feature-highlight.aspx

    One question we get is if Finance can set up the alerts for everyone and they can.

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