Taking Your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter – Budget to Target (4 of 8)

The fourth report in the “Taking your Financial Reports to the Next Level with Management Reporter” series is called “Budget to Target.” During the planning stage for a fiscal year or quarter a business often sets goals or targets they want to strive for. This report is for the budget manager to run during the budgeting process as department managers are entering their budgets.

The rows of the report contain target numbers entered in rows, expenses, and calculations to show the percentage variances. There are hidden rows used in the calculations so only the percentages show as opposed to the dollar amounts. Formatting is also used to focus the user on the initial percentages. The column contains data from Dynamics AX R2 Budget Planning.


This video contains how to create a Budget to Target report for your business.


In summary, the key features included in the “Budget to Target" report were: 

  • Budget integration
  • Advanced calculation by using row type to enter targets
  • Advanced calculations using non-printing rows in calculations.
  • Formatting to draw attention to the key lines of the report.


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