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We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about the web viewer since releasing it back in RU3. In order for all users to benefit from the great features in the web viewer, it’s been made the default viewer for Management Reporter in RU5.

If you need to view a report in the desktop viewer, you can still do that as well a couple of different ways. You can open the desktop viewer and browse to the report you want to view or you can download the report from within the web viewer.

For a refresher on the web viewer, check out the frequently asked questions post and video below.

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  1. susan.conrod says:

    Now you tell us.  Would have been nice to know before we installed it.  So, now I can go back and start from the beginning and copy Management Reporter, to my MR2012 databases and install everything from the beginning.  Thank you once again for the wonderful opportunity Great Plains is giving to all the consultants to earn extra money and the wrath of their clients.  

  2. Kathy says:

    The video is only 13 seconds and only shows the title.  Any way to get some more information?

  3. CharG says:

    It's 1:43 in length. If you are still having issues, maybe try this link that goes direct to YouTube?

  4. CharG says:

    There are several other more detailed Web Viewer demos on this blog, if you are interested. You can search here or click "web viewer" in the Tag Cloud on the right.

  5. Can you please provide information on if there is a way to change the default viewer that is used between the web viewer and the desktop viewer (Report Viewer)?

  6. CharG says:

    There is an option under Tools > Options.

  7. ian richardson says:

    Hi Char

    web viewer is introduced in RU 3, where is the switch to select report viewer and web viewer in RU3 and 4?  I don't see it under tools options as you indicate below.


  8. CharG says:

    The change to web viewer as the default was in RU5.

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