Management Reporter RU5 brings new features, support for new countries

Management Reporter RU5 brings a variety of new features to Management Reporter users, along with support for two additional countries. As of today, customers and partners can download Management Reporter RU5 .

Key features in Management Reporter RU5 include:

  • Collapse detailed report into summary view – Any report displayed in the Web Viewer can automatically be collapsed into a summary view; Management Reporter report designers will no longer need to create both a detailed and summary view of the same report
  • Default Report Link Location – when storing reports in a SharePoint site or network location, use the new default Report Link Location to easily indicate where most reports should be stored by default
  • Management Reporter Web Viewer as default – the default report viewer for Management Reporter users has been changed to the Web Viewer, allowing reports to easily be viewed in the newest interactive report viewing experience. Customers can still open any report in the Management Reporter desktop viewer.
  • Report Designer available in Dynamics AX menus – Launch Management Reporter Report Designer from with Dynamics AX General Ledger and Budgeting
  • Storage of transaction detail reworked – Transaction detail for each report is stored with the data mart database, and no longer duplicated in the Management Reporter database. This means the size of transaction-level reports is significantly smaller and the Management Reporter database will not increase in size as additional reports are generated and stored
  • Drill down to Dynamics GP DDM from within desktop viewer – customers using the Dynamics GP data mart integration can now drill down from any report generated to at least the account level. They can drill back from the desktop viewer to the Dynamics GP Detail Inquiry, Historical Detail Inquiry and Budget Transaction Inquiry windows
  • Improved performance in Dynamics SL -- Performance improvements in Dynamics SL  data mart integrations
  • Language support for Brazil -- customers will now be able to use Management Reporter in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Language support for Japan – customers will now be able to use Management Reporter in Japanese
  • Improved quality – as we’ve done in all rollups, we also have fixed a variety of customer reported issues, including addressing issues involving SQL collation conflicts and data art data integrity


Over the next few days, we’ll be posting blogs and videos to help you better understand the benefits of these new Management Reporter features.

Comments (18)

  1. Sue Conrod says:

    Can GP users now use Multicurrency threw the data mart?  Or still have to go legacy?

  2. Marc K says:

    So MR2012 RU5 makes the web viewer the default viewer.  And when a report is generated and loaded into the web viewer on IE8, a message is displayed that all functionality will not be available because IE9 is the oldest version of IE that is supported.  The user can, of course, reset the desktop viewer back as the default in the user options.  

    However, since settings are stored in LocalAppData and IE9 is not available for Windows Server 2003, this makes for an unfriendly situation should you have MR2012 RU5 installed on terminal servers running Windows Server 2003.  The best we can do is tell our users to reset the option back to the desktop viewer and we have no good reason for why they will have to do this 10 times (but not 10 in a row because of load balancing.)  

    So please actually take a look at…/do-not-store-user-settings-in-localappdata.  It makes Microsoft look amateurish to have such a simple-to-fix issue go ignored.

  3. CharG says:

    Yes Susan you can continue to use the legacy data provider for any reports that require currency translation for Dynamics GP companies.

  4. CharG says:

    The setting for which web viewer to use is not stored in LocalAppData but instead under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDynamicsManagementReporter21Client.

    Thanks for logging the suggestion to have other settings moved out of LocalAppData. We will continue to monitor this suggestion, as we do all the suggestions logged on the site. We have been updating Management Reporter quarterly and reprioritize features regularly with this number of votes as one of the criteria.

  5. Sue Conrod says:

    Yes, I can continue to use MR2012 for GP thru legacy is not an answer, please respond to the question.  Can we now use the DataMart for Great Plains in order to do Multicurrency translation for multiple columns of data and be able to have each column translate correctly or do we still have to use MR2012 for GP thru Legacy.

  6. 1) when will the Regional downloads be available?

    2) Concerning the Default Web Viewer. I'm not positive what exactly this means?  Corporately we are running IE8, so for those who will need to use the links I will have firefox installed and I will be creating permanent firefox shortcuts calling the report link.  Is there anything wrong with doing that?  It's time intensive but we feel that we have the building blocks quite static as we have had FRx for a dozen years.  Very infrequently do we get a new report added.

    Any thoughts?

  7. CharG says:

    Susan, you will need to use the legacy Dynamics GP provider for any reports that need currency translation

  8. CharG says:

    The regional downloads should be available early next week.

  9. It is wonderful also because fixes the bugs about relieving budget encumbrance/preencumbrance.

    A question and a bug:

    Question: where I can find the list of bugs fixed in this RU?

    BUG: If you use a 2012 Server (like the new hyper-v) you obtain an error while Designer attempts to open IE after the generation, since it use the built-in administrator account. (The error is : Internet Explorer can't be open using the Built-in administrator account). Is this known?

  10. CharG says:

    This post explains the bug you are running into:…/29-win8fixadmin

  11. Kathy F says:

    I've downloaded the Rollup… it has no read me, no instructions.  Is there still a choice to use legacy provider?  Where is there a list of issues resolved?

  12. CharG says:

    The download link also has links to the Readme and other documentation:…/General.aspx

  13. CharG says:

    Regional downloads for Management Reporter RU5 have been posted. More info here:…/management-reporter-ru5-regional-installs-available.aspx

  14. Taylor V says:

    Is this RU5 release compatible with Dynamics AX 2012 (6.0) or is Dynamics AX 2012 R2 (6.2) required?

    Also, I see that bug 352591 (Dynamics AX 2012 DDM credential authentication issue when a local account with the same name exists) was fixed in RU5. Is there a way to see the detail/specifics on that issue?

    Thank you.

  15. CharG says:

    Yes, RU5 works with both Dynamics AX 2012 (both versions  you mention) and Dynamics AX 2009. It also supports Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL and Dynamics NAV.

  16. Riz says:

    Do we need to update AX Data Provider after installing RU5? If yes than kindly give me download link of latest Data Provider

  17. RKaur says:

    We are using Data Mart with RU5 and need to translate one company's data. How we can point one company to Legacy and rest to dataMart?

    Thank you,

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