Hello from Convergence 2013!

We're on our last day here in New Orleans at Convergence 2013 (#CONV2013) and it's been a busy week! So far across our team, we've presented 9 sessions and logged 20 hours in the Expo hall. It's been great connecting with customers and partners through these sessions and visits in the Expo.


 Here highlights of what people are saying about the Management Reporter and Forecaster sessions they've attended:


 "Really got a lot out of this one. We just crossed over to MR from FRX and I was very interested in how I can push the reports out. Very helpful session."

 "Excellent session, i feel confident i can perform the upgrade without any problems"

 "One of the best sessions that I attended. These folks really know their stuff, and they are great presenters and teachers. I can't wait to get back to start using some of their suggestions and ideas."

 "Great session with very useful information. I left excited and ready to begin using the product and got answers to my questions."

 "This session is why I'm here"

 "These guys did a good job explaining something I know too little about."


We've got four sessions left today along with wrapping up in the Expo. We'll post links to all of the sessions and resources once they are available on the Virtual Convergence site.

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